Weekly Message #3-37

summer vacation comicWe made it!  It’s the final week and we can taste that summer vacation.  As usual the last week will be jam packed with special activities and fun.  There seems to be a surge of adrenalin which gets our exhausted bodies and minds over this final hump.  Emotions can run high for students and staff alike this week so take that extra moment to be thoughtful in your words and actions.  Most of all, be kind to yourself!

The grade 7 grad luncheon is on Tuesday at 12:10 and all staff are invited.  Please let me know on Monday if you are not able to attend as a seat will be reserved for you.

Welcome back to Heidi Newcombe who will be with us this week (subbing for Jen).  Heidi has agreed to do a mini “Bollywood” day on Wednesday for those classes who are not on field trips. I will come around and confirm a schedule with you.  Classes would receive 45 minutes of instruction and then there would be a group performance at the end of the day in the gym.  Thanks, Heidi!

A reminder to all that Friday is a work day.  If you have chosen to skip the year end breakfast, you are required to report to the school as usual.  Your schedule for the day is “flexible”.  Please let the office staff how to contact you if you are out of the building.


  1. Grade 7 grad luncheon (12:10 – 1), ceremony (1- 1:45) and dance (2:00 – 3:30)on Tuesday
  2. Summer school meeting for SSSAs and teachers who will be working at Moberly this July at lunch on Wednesday in Henry’s room
  3. Health & Safety committee meeting on Thursday at 8:15 in the staffroom.
  4. Staff breakfast this Friday at McCleery golf course.

Have a great week and A GREAT SUMMER everyone.  Your next weekly message will be delivered on the Labour Day weekend.

Weekly Message #3-36

Me and my Dad

Me and my Dad

Happy Father’s Day to everyone!  We enjoyed a family brunch together and enjoyed the sunshine.  I hope you had the chance to do something meaningful for you.

Only 2 weeks left and so much still to do!  We will carry on with casting as scheduled this week and will try to get draft class lists to you during the final week of school.  Please remember that all placements are tentative and that students should not be told who their teacher will be except in exceptional circumstances.  Please discuss with me if you think notification is necessary for a particular child.  We are still full to the rafters and will be waiting to see how the numbers hold over the summer.  We could face a re-organization in September.

Intermediate teachers – please hand in your awards lists this week.  Remember that when deciding about Honour Roll etc that only the marks for LA, Math Science and SS count towards their score.


  1. Reports are due Monday.  Please let Patti (evens) or Henry (odds) know if you will be late.
  2. Patti will be at JO for a Wonder of Reading meeting on Tuesday morning until casting time.
  3. Patti & Henry will be at the VSB for our final area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul will be in charge.

Have a great week everyone.

Weekly Message #3-35

DSC05265Sports Day was a big success – thank you to everyone who contributed their time and efforts!  The weather was just right and the kids enjoyed the stations.  Jane’s “Mad Dash” was such a hit that the primaries wanted to run, too!  There’s something quite wonderful about seeing large groups of kids running as fast as they can across the field.  It makes for a nice blend of cooperation and competition.  Thanks to Sousana for this great shot reminding us that “It’s for fun.”

Class casting starts this week.  I will be coming round to talk with you about placements for our special needs students.  I will put a new organization in your boxes which reflects our current numbers.  There are some “not so great” splits listed which I hope I will be able to eliminate in September once the numbers have settled.  We only have a couple of spaces in the whole school so new registrations are being wait listed at this time.

Divisions 2, 5, 7, and 8 are off to camp this week.  We are all hoping for good weather because Newcastle Island is much better in the sunshine!


  1. Resource reports due on Wednesday.  Regular reports next week – evens to Patti, odds to Henry.
  2. Rishima’s last day on Friday!

Have a great week everyone.


Weekly Message #3-34

Unknown-2It’s 2:00 and I’ve just arrived home from our presentation at the Sikh Temple.  Huge thanks to Henry, Mike and Christine for being part of our presentation team.  We were pleased to have four very attentive parents and grandparents in our audience.  Although the audience was small, they were enthusiastic and the president of the temple (Harjinder’s uncle) has invited us back with the promise of a bigger audience next time.  I think this is a very positive first step towards building a stronger connection between the school and our community.

Sports Day this Friday!! I can feel the excitement rising.  The weather report looks good so hopefully we will be blessed with a fine day.  Thanks in advance to our committee for organizing a great day for students (and staff).

Thursday will be the last day for our Corrective Reading groups.  I am looking forward to hearing about progress made as we consider our next steps for the fall term.

I am meeting with representatives from two companies to look at plans for our new intermediate playground.  We will be seeking proposals and costs in order to get ready for major fundraising.  The rear playground is due to be removed “sometime” in 2013 – could be this summer.


  1. Supervision Aide meeting on Monday at 11:00.
  2. Staff committee meeting on Tuesday at lunch.  Please have your agenda items on the list in the staffroom by noon on Monday.  Agendas will be distributed on Monday afternoon.

Have a great week everyone!