Weekly Message #3-35

DSC05265Sports Day was a big success – thank you to everyone who contributed their time and efforts!  The weather was just right and the kids enjoyed the stations.  Jane’s “Mad Dash” was such a hit that the primaries wanted to run, too!  There’s something quite wonderful about seeing large groups of kids running as fast as they can across the field.  It makes for a nice blend of cooperation and competition.  Thanks to Sousana for this great shot reminding us that “It’s for fun.”

Class casting starts this week.  I will be coming round to talk with you about placements for our special needs students.  I will put a new organization in your boxes which reflects our current numbers.  There are some “not so great” splits listed which I hope I will be able to eliminate in September once the numbers have settled.  We only have a couple of spaces in the whole school so new registrations are being wait listed at this time.

Divisions 2, 5, 7, and 8 are off to camp this week.  We are all hoping for good weather because Newcastle Island is much better in the sunshine!


  1. Resource reports due on Wednesday.  Regular reports next week – evens to Patti, odds to Henry.
  2. Rishima’s last day on Friday!

Have a great week everyone.


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