Weekly Message #3-37

summer vacation comicWe made it!  It’s the final week and we can taste that summer vacation.  As usual the last week will be jam packed with special activities and fun.  There seems to be a surge of adrenalin which gets our exhausted bodies and minds over this final hump.  Emotions can run high for students and staff alike this week so take that extra moment to be thoughtful in your words and actions.  Most of all, be kind to yourself!

The grade 7 grad luncheon is on Tuesday at 12:10 and all staff are invited.  Please let me know on Monday if you are not able to attend as a seat will be reserved for you.

Welcome back to Heidi Newcombe who will be with us this week (subbing for Jen).  Heidi has agreed to do a mini “Bollywood” day on Wednesday for those classes who are not on field trips. I will come around and confirm a schedule with you.  Classes would receive 45 minutes of instruction and then there would be a group performance at the end of the day in the gym.  Thanks, Heidi!

A reminder to all that Friday is a work day.  If you have chosen to skip the year end breakfast, you are required to report to the school as usual.  Your schedule for the day is “flexible”.  Please let the office staff how to contact you if you are out of the building.


  1. Grade 7 grad luncheon (12:10 – 1), ceremony (1- 1:45) and dance (2:00 – 3:30)on Tuesday
  2. Summer school meeting for SSSAs and teachers who will be working at Moberly this July at lunch on Wednesday in Henry’s room
  3. Health & Safety committee meeting on Thursday at 8:15 in the staffroom.
  4. Staff breakfast this Friday at McCleery golf course.

Have a great week and A GREAT SUMMER everyone.  Your next weekly message will be delivered on the Labour Day weekend.

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