Weekly Message #4-1

From our garden...

From our garden…

Welcome back everyone!  I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday with lots of time for fun and relaxation.  I am looking forward to working with you all again this year.  Please join me in wishing Lily Woo well, as she has accepted a position at Tecumseh Elementary.  Shannon Woron will be here for the next few weeks while the job is posted (.5 Resource / . 5 Gr. 3 Job share).  We welcome Maria MacMaster and Theresa Lopetrone who have joined our teaching staff this year.  We wish Paula Muscardin and Suzanne Shepherd well as they move on to new SSSA assignments.  We welcome back Phil Stephen, Gigi Prudente and are pleased to also welcome new SSSAs – Agnes Coelho and Leesa Borbely (.5).

Our numbers are strong and just about every class is at max.  We currently have 7 students (mostly primary) on our waitlist.  There is still a possibility that we may go up a division so I haven’t changed your door signs yet!  We will keep you informed daily of our numbers situation and appreciate your support in handing in your attendance asap every day.  Any information that you can provide about “no show” students is always appreciated.

As requested by a number of staff, new students have been placed in last year’s classes as room allows.  You will be provided with attendance sheets on Tuesday morning that list any new students for whom you will be responsible during the first week.  Please let us know if we have miscalculated!  No one should have over regular class sizes.  Also, please read over your packages carefully to see what you will be doing on day one and two.  If you are not assigned a class on day one, your help in taking new students from the office to their classes would be welcomed.

Please join us for our staff meeting on Tuesday morning where delicious, freshly waffles and coffee will be provided for your enjoyment (Thank you Chef Plottel)

This year “It’s all about READING!” and I am excited about the many new initiatives that we will participating in (tech pilot, multiple literacies, and inquiry project).  We will be talking more about this at our first week staff meetings.  It’s going to be great.

I have received a request to place 3 CORE French student teachers from UBC.  Anyone interested?  Let me know.

Here we are at the lake this summer:



  1. Staff meeting on Tuesday – 10 or 10:30 (not sure which – check your packages)
  2. Staff meeting on Thursday at lunch
  3. Class tweeking based on new numbers – Friday.  time TBA

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