Weekly Message #4-2

The Eagles at Rogers Arena - September 2013

The Eagles at Rogers Arena – September 2013

Another busy weekend flies by and we will soon be back at work.  A highlight for David and I this weekend was the Eagles concert on Saturday night at Rogers Arena.  After a wonderful dinner at the Hamilton St. Grill, we walked over to the venue ( with all the other 50+ age audience members – not too many under that age for sure).  The concert was amazing – crystal clear sound, excellent seats and a packed house to hear such old favourites as: Hotel California, Desperado, Best of my Love and countless more.  A beautiful evening!

We have survived the first week and class lists are almost ready to go – just a few last minute adjustments and they will be in your boxes on Monday morning along with the sheets you need to disperse your week one students.  Please move students to their new classes asap on Monday morning.  Due to the increase in our staffing, the new K’s who were with Cynthia this week will be moving to Room 019 to be with a teacher on call until the position is filled.  A million thanks to Henry, Narinder and anyone else who helped to set up the room for the new teacher while I laboured away with class numbers.  This week, we will be focusing on firming up our ESL identification, special needs counting and aboriginal student identification.  The office will be working closely with the resource team to count as accurately as possible.  Since we have so many new students, we have to make sure that they are all identified for funding.

Thanks to Paula for putting up the Walkathon bulletin board in the front hall.  We are hoping to beat our total from two years ago for this important cause.  Thanks in advance for encouraging your students to give generously.


Resource Teacher meeting Monday morning in Jen’s room – check your staff meeting agenda for the time.

Student Assembly at 9:00 on Tuesday morning – Code of Conduct, Focus on Reading and introduction to the Walkathon for Kids with Cancer.



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