Weekly Message #4-6

images-2Our Walkathon was a huge success and I was so proud of our students and their enthusiasm in the opening assembly on Friday afternoon.  Thanks to Shannon for the warm up!  I expect that we will easily surpass $3000 once we’ve counted all the money this week.  Please continue to urge students to bring in money until at least Tuesday.

Goal setting interviews are coming up later this month.  Yvette will be asking you to indicate whether you will be doing goal setting in October or parent-teacher interviews in December.  Once we have that information we will provide you with the appropriate paperwork for inviting and scheduling parents.  Please note that Henry and I will be gone by 3:00 on the second day of goal setting in order to attend our Whistler conference.

I received lots of applications for Student Council and will be talking to Grades 5-7 teachers this week about the selection of candidates.  Thanks in advance for your input on this.  We have so many great kids that have applied, it will be a tough decision to get the group down to a manageable size!


  1. Patti at the VSB all day on Wednesday.

Have a great week everyone!  Thanksgiving long weekend coming up!


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