Weekly Message #4-15

Welcome to the Year of the Horse

Welcome to the Year of the Horse

I am writing to you on Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday this week since the VSB internet system will be down for most of the day tomorrow.  Please note that if you need to call in sick on Sunday for Monday, you’ll need to use the phone line instead of “online”.

I need to tell you all how excited I was this past week to be part of two great events.  First of all, a big thanks to all of you who promoted PAC attendance with your classes.  We were pleased to welcome 17 parents at our meeting on Tuesday night.  The parents who came were enthusiastic and motivated to make a difference for our school.  As a result, they are planning a PAC fundraiser to support a new intermediate playground.  We are hoping to put a Moberly float in the Baisakhi parade this spring.  There will be buckets available for donations.  Three of the parents were planning to meet with representatives from the temple this week to seek permission.  I’ll let you know the details as it unfolds!  I left the meeting feeling so encouraged about what we can accomplish with help of our parents.

On that note, the parents have selected two finalists for the plans for our new playground.  They will be put on display in front of the office in the near future so that students can vote for their favourite.  This will give a visual target for fundraising.  Both playgrounds will cost about $40,000 (plus installation).  The PAC has $19.000 put aside so far so we have a ways to go.

The second great moment came at our afterschool pro-d on Wednesday.  I am always so impressed with the high level of conversation, brainstorming and problem solving which occurs when Moberly teachers get together.  Our presenter, Mary Filleul, commented on the commitment and creativity of our team.  We are looking forward to sharing some of what we learned with all interested staff members on our Pro- D day this Friday with another excellent facilitator, Terry Howe.  It promises to be an inspiring and exciting day for all of us!


  1. Health  & Safety Meeting Wednesday at 8:15 in the staffroom.
  2. Patti and Henry will be absent for the first part of Thursday morning as we attend an information meeting at the VSB regarding new curriculum.
  3. Patti will be at a Principals’ meeting on Thursday afternoon.
  4. Pro D Day and Chinese New Year on Friday!

Have a great week everyone!


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