Weekly Message #4-19

I'm hoping the daffodils win!

I’m hoping the daffodils win!

It’s hard to believe that February ends this week!  The time flies so quickly.  I hope you had a chance to enjoy the late winter snowfall this weekend and that you took a break from writing report cards to enjoy some relaxation time.

We will be hosting a major media event on Tuesday morning in the lunchroom.  35 of our Strong Start students and our 65 Kindergarten students will be enjoying an author talk by Ashley Spires.  Each student will receive an autographed copy of Ms. Spires’ new book.  In addition, they will receive other free books from “First Book Canada”.  Students from John Oliver will be here to read some of the books to our students.  As a result the lunch room will be out of bounds until after 11:00 a.m.

Student council members will be in the front hall at recess and lunch from Monday to Wednesday to collect “Compliments” forms.


  1. Ashley Spires author talk for K’s 9:30 – 11 Tuesday morning in the lunchroom.
  2. Pink day assembly on Wednesday – time TBA – sponsored by Div. 3.
  3. Patti at VSB all day Thursday*
  4. Health & Safety Committee Friday morning at 8:15.

* Please note that when Patti is absent, Henry is in charge.  If both are out of the building, Paul is in charge.  If all three are away, Jane is in charge.  After that, please check with Yvette if you are in need of assistance.  If you are ever unsure of who is in charge in case of emergency, please check with the office staff.  Thanks.


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