Weekly message #4-22

imageAnd we blink and it’s over!  Here’s hoping that your Spring Break was everything you were hoping for.  Our holiday was great – time for doing jobs around the house (kitchen and dining room chairs recovered), relaxing (1500 piece jigsaw almost done), eating out (tried Mega Sushi in Steveston – best ever).  We seem to have suffered from “Apple Flu” at our house.  Adam’s laptop died and we had a tense 24 hours while we waited to see if it could be restored – the first time we got him to do his homework at the beginning of the break and it might have been list.  Turned out to be a loose hard drive cord – everything recovered thank goodness.  He purchased an external hard drive to back things up.  Then a day later, our IMac crashed!  We were able to save our data to an external hard drive but it is now in the Apple store getting a new hard drive.  KEY MESSAGE to all of you- make sure you are backing up your data.

Lots of exciting events coming up over the next weeks.  First of all, we will be planning to be part of the Moberly float for Vaisakhi.  We will need lots of staff and parent volunteers to make this a success.  We are hoping to raise lots of money for our playground while building a stronger relationship with the Sikh Temple.

We will be making plans for our Moberly “Garage Sale”. Details will be coming to you soon. Dates and organization for Moberly Idol need to be firmed up as well.  Let’s hope we all came back with plenty of energy.


Grade 1/2 teachers to meet with Christine Fraser on Tuesday.  11:00 to noon

Selected students to “Right to Play” training at Osler on Wednesday from 9:00 to 11:00.  Henry, too.

Finance committee meeting at noon on Wednesday in Patti’s office.

Patti out of the building at meetings all day Thursday.  Henry in charge.

SSSA meeting Friday morning at 8:15 in Room 110 .


Weekly Message #4-21

Unknown-2As much as I like daylight savings time… I mourn the loss of an hour’s time on the weekend.  We only have one week to go until we can enjoy a wonderful 2 week break from school.  But what a week it is!  Lots of special events and long days this week including our annual family Pancake breakfast on Thursday morning – please promote with your students as our response has been low.  We are hoping that some of you will be able to help out on Thursday morning with cooking and general crowd control.  We are also looking to borrow an electric pancake skillet if you are able to help with that.

Our afterschool movie party last Thursday was a big success – almost half the school was there for a great movie and great, fresh popcorn.  Thanks to Henry and Richard for all the work they did to set up for this fun event. Thanks also to the teachers who stepped in to help – Marilyn, Cynthia, Karen, Donna and Tanya.  Your help was much appreciated.  We hope to have another one in May and will adjust some of our procedures for a smoother event next time.  Overall, the word I heard most often from students was – AWESOME!  All that and we made about $700.00


  1. Salad day on Tuesday at lunch for group members.
  2. Patti & Henry will be at the area meeting on Wednesday morning – Paul in charge.
  3. Staff Committee meeting on Wednesday at lunch.  Pizza lunch provided by Moberly in appreciation of your time on a very busy day.
  4. Parent Teacher Interviews on Wednesday and Thursday – 2:00 dismissal both days.
  5. Baisakhi float information and planning meeting 6:00 – 7:00 Wednesday night in the library
  6. Tickets for the Vancouver Millionaires chair on sale this week at recess and lunch – and also at Parent Teacher interview time.  Please encourage parents to buy a ticket.
  7. Family Pancake breakfast Thursday morning – 7:30 – 9:00.
  8. Night of Music for our choir under Jane’s direction at John Oliver on Thursday night.  7:00 p.m.
  9. Health and Safety meeting 8:15 Friday morning.

Have a great week everyone.  We will get there!

Weekly Message #4-20

images-2Well… it’s pretty clear that March is coming in “like a lion”.  I hope that means that we’ll have warmer, nicer weather at the end of the month when we are all on holidays.  Life is busy as usual at the Plottel hacienda.  We were delighted to bring my dad home from the hospital this afternoon.  He still needs to recover more but is feeling much better – thank goodness.

Please join me in welcoming two new staff members this week – Nicholas Blanchard will be taking over for Robin.  Leslie Rosen will be stepping in to Div. 19 replacing Angela.  We are please to have them join our Moberly family.

Lots of activities and deadlines over the next two weeks.  We are looking forward to our first “Movie Party” this Thursday.  Students have been asking if they can bring their parents and the answer is YES (as long as they pay :)).  Everyone I know who has seen “Frozen” thinks it was terrific.  Henry, Richard and I will be looking after all of our attendees but any other staff members who would be willing to volunteer are welcome!

Raffle tickets will go on sale at recess and lunch (12:30) for the Vancouver Millionaires chair.  25 cents a ticket or 5 for a dollar!  Proceeds to the playground fund!


  1. Supervision Aide meeting Monday at 11:00.
  2. Patti & Henry to attend Community schools meeting at John Oliver on Tuesday morning (7:30 – 9:00)
  3. Staff Committee meeting on Thursday at noon.  Please post agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by noon on Wednesday so that we can provide the agenda to you on Wednesday afternoon.  Patti will be at the VSB so Henry and Paul will chair the meeting.
  4. Movie Party 3:10 – 5:00 on Thursday in the old gym.
  5. SSSA meeting 8:15 on Friday morning in Room 110.
  6. Reports home on Friday.

Looking forward to next week – please promote our family pancake breakfast next Thursday 7:30 – 9:00 in the lunchroom.