Weekly message #4-22

imageAnd we blink and it’s over!  Here’s hoping that your Spring Break was everything you were hoping for.  Our holiday was great – time for doing jobs around the house (kitchen and dining room chairs recovered), relaxing (1500 piece jigsaw almost done), eating out (tried Mega Sushi in Steveston – best ever).  We seem to have suffered from “Apple Flu” at our house.  Adam’s laptop died and we had a tense 24 hours while we waited to see if it could be restored – the first time we got him to do his homework at the beginning of the break and it might have been list.  Turned out to be a loose hard drive cord – everything recovered thank goodness.  He purchased an external hard drive to back things up.  Then a day later, our IMac crashed!  We were able to save our data to an external hard drive but it is now in the Apple store getting a new hard drive.  KEY MESSAGE to all of you- make sure you are backing up your data.

Lots of exciting events coming up over the next weeks.  First of all, we will be planning to be part of the Moberly float for Vaisakhi.  We will need lots of staff and parent volunteers to make this a success.  We are hoping to raise lots of money for our playground while building a stronger relationship with the Sikh Temple.

We will be making plans for our Moberly “Garage Sale”. Details will be coming to you soon. Dates and organization for Moberly Idol need to be firmed up as well.  Let’s hope we all came back with plenty of energy.


Grade 1/2 teachers to meet with Christine Fraser on Tuesday.  11:00 to noon

Selected students to “Right to Play” training at Osler on Wednesday from 9:00 to 11:00.  Henry, too.

Finance committee meeting at noon on Wednesday in Patti’s office.

Patti out of the building at meetings all day Thursday.  Henry in charge.

SSSA meeting Friday morning at 8:15 in Room 110 .


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