Weekly Message #4-26

IMG_0285David and I enjoyed a wonderful visit with Robin and her family on Saturday morning.  Abbey is just gorgeous – it’s hard to believe that she is 6 weeks old already.  Both Mom and baby are looking great (as you can see).  Euan and Coll seem very happy with their new baby sister.Congratulations!

Monday will likely be a quiet day as teachers pursue self directed Pro-D opportunities.  Some SSSAs have signed up for workshops off site and others will be working at Moberly.  Henry will be at school all day – fresh from his marathon run in Washington DC.  Way to go Henry (and Tina)!  I will be on site in the morning and will be attending a meeting at South Hill in the afternoon.

The PISP (Provincial Integration Support Program) people will be here all week to work with teachers and SSSAs who work with Melissa and Ashley.  We are very fortunate to have their support.

I will be teaching Theresa’s Gr. 2/3 reading group Tuesday – Thursday this week and her TOC will take over on Friday.  Please note that the rest of her resource program will be cancelled from Tuesday to Thursday.

Our application for .8 LIF support went in on time last week and we will find out how successful we are at Friday’s staffing meeting.  In consultation with the Gr. 1 teachers, we have decided to opt out of the Reading Recovery program for next school year.  This means that we will lose the .5 staffing that was assigned to the program.

Thank you everyone for the respectful and professional approach you have taken during difficult times.  It is a pleasure working with you all.


  1. Patti and Henry will be at the staffing meeting this Friday from 9:30 – 10:30ish.



Weekly Message #4-25

UnknownHappity, Hoppity Easter everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed some restful time over this wonderful 4 day weekend.  Hopefully a good rest will help all of us cope with the difficult times coming up.  As I’m sure you all know, the VTF has served 72 hour strike notice and teachers will be in a legal position to move forward with phase one of job action on Wednesday.  Henry and I will do our best to respect the restrictions placed on teachers over the new period of time.  I will continue to send out my weekly message as it is a place for all staff members to receive updates on what is happening in our schools.  Those who are able to access it will continue to do so.  As much as possible, we will continue to share information through our daily bulletin which is an open forum for all staff and not a “message from administration”.  I know that everyone is hoping for a positive and speedy resolution to contract negotiations.

We are looking forward to celebrating Earth Day on Tuesday at our assembly.  Students in Division 4 will be talking both about Earth Day and the contributions made by aboriginal people.

It’s Administrative Professionals’ Day (secretaries) on Wednesday.  Take a moment and let our wonderful staff know how much we appreciate them!

I am not sure at this point what will happen with our School Planning Day next Monday.  Information will be shared as soon as we know what will work.


  1. Earth Day Assembly at 1:00 on Tuesday (Sorry Corrective Reading folks) followed by the Keep Vancouver Spectacular clean up.  Please check out Judy’s instructions on how to proceed from the gym.
  2. Health & Safety Meeting 8:15 on Friday morning in the staffroom.
  3. Gang squad here for Grade 7’s and parents on Friday afternoon.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #4-24

imagesWe had a marvellous day at the Vaisakhi parade on Saturday – thanks to the good weather and the great support from parents, students and staff.  Henry and I would like to thank Maria, Paul, Jane, Narinder, Richard and Mike for their amazing support on Saturday.  Thanks also to Harjinder Sandhu (former Moberly vp) and her sister who walked with us all day. Our parents worked late into the day on Friday (with a little help from me and Richard  to decorate our float.  We ended up with lots of students to help us collect money.  Between Friday afternoon and Saturday, we gathered over $1500 in donations with $200 promised to come this week!  More importantly, I think, our presence was noted and appreciated by the community.  We were number 17 out of 34 floats and we left the temple at about 11:00.  We didn’t arrive back until after 5:30 p.m. so it was a long day.  We were impressed and overwhelmed by all the free food we were offered along the way – no need for dinner when we got home.  Check out pics taken by VSB photographer at: Mr. Baker and our students at the parade and Our Moberly Float

There are lots of deadlines coming up so be prepared for the possibility of a “staff” meeting being called to get your input on required items.  I will try to get as much done at staff committee this week as possible but it’s that time of year where we are making decisions frequently.

Just a couple of weeks until our school planning day.  Please make sure to keep your reading assessment information handy as I will be asking you to share it with me as we examine results.  It would be a good idea to review the plan prior to our day together if you can find the time.  It is available on our website.

Two four day weeks coming up!


  1. Supervision Aide meeting Monday at 11:00 a.m.
  2. Finance Ctte meeting at lunch on Monday.
  3. JO articulation team here on Tuesday morning to meet with teachers.
  4. PAC meeting Tuesday morning from 9:00 – 10:30 in the library.
  5. Henry and Patti at the area meeting on Wednesday morning – Paul is in charge
  6. Staff committee meeting Wednesday at lunch.  Please list agenda items by Tuesday at noon so we can prepare and distribute our agenda the day before.
  7. Salad Day on Thursday for group members (thanks Paula for organizing)


Weekly Message #4-23

marshmallow-easter-bunny-craft-for-kids-Apparently you can make “anything” out of mini-marshmallows – thought this art idea was cute!   We are heading into another busy week – with lots of activities happening.

Summer school forms were placed in your boxes late Friday for return on Monday the 14th.  Hopefully, you will have students’ needs in the forefront of your minds after just completing report cards, so the task of selecting students will be a bit easier.

If you have not returned your “Teacher Preference” form for next year’s staffing please make sure to hand it in asap.

Plans for our Vaisakhi float are moving ahead but we are very short on students to ride on the float.  Thanks to Jane, Paul and Maria who have agreed to ride on the float for 2 – 2 1/2 hours each that day with all the kids they can convince to join them from their classes.  I will be coming around on Monday to see if I can convince any other Grade 5 – 7 students to join them.  This is a really big deal for us and we need to make sure we have enough kids to make the float look good!  A notice about our float and the playground will  go home either Monday or Tuesday.

The VSB preliminary budget will be presented on Tuesday morning so please plan to attend a short meeting at recess that day to hear the highlights.  I understand that they are saying “no teacher layoffs” this year which is great news for everyone.


  1. Some resource team members and Patti will be attending the ELL compliance meeting at the DRPC on Monday morning.  It is expected that there will be a whole district audit for ELL coming up in the future so we want to be sure to be prepared.  Recent articles in the paper have been highly critical of the VSB procedures for counting ELL kids.  I feel very confident that our Resource team has done an amazing job of counting students very precisely but we need to remain vigilant.
  2. Patti & Henry to attend Budget meeting at VSB early Tuesday morning (back by recess).
  3. Brenden & Patti will be attending the district Pro-D training meeting on Wednesday morning.  We will bring back information to share with staff at our next staff committee meeting.
  4. Performance on Thursday for K-4 students called “Taking care of our Earth”  by performers, Lee & Sandy Paley.
  5. Patti at VSB from recess to lunch on Friday.

Have a great week everyone!