Weekly Message #4-25

UnknownHappity, Hoppity Easter everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed some restful time over this wonderful 4 day weekend.  Hopefully a good rest will help all of us cope with the difficult times coming up.  As I’m sure you all know, the VTF has served 72 hour strike notice and teachers will be in a legal position to move forward with phase one of job action on Wednesday.  Henry and I will do our best to respect the restrictions placed on teachers over the new period of time.  I will continue to send out my weekly message as it is a place for all staff members to receive updates on what is happening in our schools.  Those who are able to access it will continue to do so.  As much as possible, we will continue to share information through our daily bulletin which is an open forum for all staff and not a “message from administration”.  I know that everyone is hoping for a positive and speedy resolution to contract negotiations.

We are looking forward to celebrating Earth Day on Tuesday at our assembly.  Students in Division 4 will be talking both about Earth Day and the contributions made by aboriginal people.

It’s Administrative Professionals’ Day (secretaries) on Wednesday.  Take a moment and let our wonderful staff know how much we appreciate them!

I am not sure at this point what will happen with our School Planning Day next Monday.  Information will be shared as soon as we know what will work.


  1. Earth Day Assembly at 1:00 on Tuesday (Sorry Corrective Reading folks) followed by the Keep Vancouver Spectacular clean up.  Please check out Judy’s instructions on how to proceed from the gym.
  2. Health & Safety Meeting 8:15 on Friday morning in the staffroom.
  3. Gang squad here for Grade 7’s and parents on Friday afternoon.

Have a great week everyone!


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