Weekly Message #4-26

IMG_0285David and I enjoyed a wonderful visit with Robin and her family on Saturday morning.  Abbey is just gorgeous – it’s hard to believe that she is 6 weeks old already.  Both Mom and baby are looking great (as you can see).  Euan and Coll seem very happy with their new baby sister.Congratulations!

Monday will likely be a quiet day as teachers pursue self directed Pro-D opportunities.  Some SSSAs have signed up for workshops off site and others will be working at Moberly.  Henry will be at school all day – fresh from his marathon run in Washington DC.  Way to go Henry (and Tina)!  I will be on site in the morning and will be attending a meeting at South Hill in the afternoon.

The PISP (Provincial Integration Support Program) people will be here all week to work with teachers and SSSAs who work with Melissa and Ashley.  We are very fortunate to have their support.

I will be teaching Theresa’s Gr. 2/3 reading group Tuesday – Thursday this week and her TOC will take over on Friday.  Please note that the rest of her resource program will be cancelled from Tuesday to Thursday.

Our application for .8 LIF support went in on time last week and we will find out how successful we are at Friday’s staffing meeting.  In consultation with the Gr. 1 teachers, we have decided to opt out of the Reading Recovery program for next school year.  This means that we will lose the .5 staffing that was assigned to the program.

Thank you everyone for the respectful and professional approach you have taken during difficult times.  It is a pleasure working with you all.


  1. Patti and Henry will be at the staffing meeting this Friday from 9:30 – 10:30ish.



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