Weekly Message #4-30

imagesIt’s hard to know what to say this week.  Henry and I are thinking of all of you as we head into the one day walk out tomorrow.  We can only hope that the situation will be resolved quickly and positively.

While the teachers are walking the picket line, we will be setting up the gym for Welcome to Kindergarten.  In addition, I hope to have all of the Summer School confirmation letters ready for distribution on Tuesday. Right the summer school classes are all full and any further forms received will be placed on a waitlist.  I am looking for someone to serve as a TOC for Summer School.  Let me know if you are interested.   Now that teachers have their grades assigned, it would be great to have your PLOs in to me asap.

I have been taking a box of toys out to the primary play area on nice days at lunch.  This has been a huge hit, so I will head down to the toy warehouse on Tuesday afternoon to spend the rest of our Community Link money on some more outside play toys.

Our assembly on Wednesday should be great.  We can look forward to a musical presentation from some of our intermediate students as well as a skipping performance by Divs. 8 & 9.  Division 7 will be hosting with support from Div. 6 students.

The school calendar for next year has been approved and will be distributed this week.  I will send an electronic copy to all staff as well.  Our draft school plan has been submitted and we will revisit it in the fall once job action is over.


  1. Welcome to Kindergarten on Tuesday morning.  Interviews from 9 – 10:30 and program from 10:30 – 12:00.
  2. Assembly Wednesday morning at 9:00.
  3. Health & Safety meeting Friday at 8:15.



Weekly Message #4-29

UnknownThis is a week when I think back over my years as a principal / vice principal (20 years this year!) as I attend our annual “Joint Retirement Dinner” on Wednesday evening.  This is a lovely event where current members of the elementary and secondary admin associations invite all the past retirees from both associations to dinner.  It will be my pleasure to attend this year with my Dad who is a retired secondary principal.   It is such a pleasure to reconnect with retired colleagues and friends – who all look very relaxed compared to those of us who are working!  The dinner is at the Pan Pacific so hopefully the weather will be good so we can enjoy the marvelous view.

Nice to have the weather forecast be wrong in our favour this weekend!  It turned out to be a great weekend to spend time outside and enjoy some fresh air.  We’ll need the energy as we head in to a VERY busy week full of special events.

The South Vancouver Neighbourhood House staff will be presenting Ready, Set, Learn on Tuesday afternoon so be prepared to see a lot of preschoolers in the building!

At our PAC meeting on Tuesday night, we will be electing our new executive for next year and making some plans for fundraising to support the new playground.

Thanks in advance to Gwen and her committee for organizing this year’s Volunteer Tea.  I look forward to seeing the performances by our talented students.

Student Council will be sponsoring the Free Freezie Frisbee Fun Day this Thursday at lunch.  It will probably be chaotic but hopefully lots of fun.  Please join us on the upper grass field if you are able.

Henry will be taking two students to the annual VEPVPA book presentation on Thursday afternoon.

And finally… (drum roll please), it’s Moberly Idol this Friday afternoon.  Thank you to Karen and all of the staff members who have stepped up to make this event a reality.  The kids are so excited and I do think this is their favourite day of the school year.  I can hardly wait to see what they will do this year!


  1. Ready Set Learn on Tuesday afternoon.
  2. PAC meeting on Monday night.
  3. Volunteer Tea on Wednesday morning
  4. Free Freezie Frisbee Fun Day on Thursday
  5. VEPVPA Book presentation on Thursday afternoon
  6. Moberly Idol on Friday afternoon

What a week!  Only 5 more after this one.


Weekly Message #4-28

Unknown-1Happy Mother’s Day to all of you – those who have or are mothers and also the rest of you who have committed your work life to caring for children.  I was so impressed on Friday with all the wonderful Mother’s Day projects being completed in our classrooms.  You are responsible for a lot of grateful Moms today.

What a gorgeous sunny day!  We planted some flowers in the garden and had a lovely day together.  I hope that you all had time to put your feet up and enjoy a few minutes of quiet bliss.

We have muddled through another week of balancing job action and work.  Thanks to all of our staff for the respectful and sensible way that you are treating each other at this difficult time.  I think that we are all hoping for a positive and swift resolution to bargaining.

Richard and I will be visiting Great West Wholesale this week to pick up some toys for after school games club.  If there is something you need for your classroom, please let one of us know and we’ll have a look for it.  We are spending the Community Link funds for after school support (must be spent before the end of May!)

Meetings – hmmm… what to say about this?  I am thinking about our weekly Resource teacher meetings, grade group meetings and the need to plan for upcoming events like Sports Day and Grade 7 Grad.  I encourage you to go ahead and meet together to work on these important aspects of your school life.  Henry and I understand that you are not able to go forward with meetings if we attend.  We are here quietly supporting you and would be happy to assist in any way that you feel is appropriate.  There are no special events to report this week .  Looking forward to a long weekend coming up!


Weekly Message #4-27

imagesThis year’s staffing plan has both good and bad news.  I’ll start with the bad.  We knew we would lose .5 resource due to our withdrawal from the Reading Recovery program.  However, in addition, our LIF was reduced.  We have .6 this year.  I applied for .8 and… we got .3  ARGH!  This means that, overall, we’ll have about the same number of students next year with.8 less resource support.  The good news is that we have gone up a division!  I will be having “informal conversations” with staff over the next few days to sound them out on their assignments for next year.  Once everyone has a spot, we will likely be posting 2.41 resource positions and 1 teacher-librarian position.

Thanks to the SSSAs who have got their preference sheets to me.  Preliminary staffing has begun for SSSA positions for next year but it is still early and I likely won’t be talking to SSSAs until June about what the future holds.  I realize it’s difficult to have that uncertainty but with such tight staffing guidelines, we want to make things as firm as possible before we start looking at assignments.


  1. Supervision Aide meeting at 11:00 on Tuesday.
  2. Patti off site at  meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons
  3. Big one at Two on Thursday
  4. SSSA meeting Friday morning at 8:15.

Have a great week everyone!