Weekly Message #4-27

imagesThis year’s staffing plan has both good and bad news.  I’ll start with the bad.  We knew we would lose .5 resource due to our withdrawal from the Reading Recovery program.  However, in addition, our LIF was reduced.  We have .6 this year.  I applied for .8 and… we got .3  ARGH!  This means that, overall, we’ll have about the same number of students next year with.8 less resource support.  The good news is that we have gone up a division!  I will be having “informal conversations” with staff over the next few days to sound them out on their assignments for next year.  Once everyone has a spot, we will likely be posting 2.41 resource positions and 1 teacher-librarian position.

Thanks to the SSSAs who have got their preference sheets to me.  Preliminary staffing has begun for SSSA positions for next year but it is still early and I likely won’t be talking to SSSAs until June about what the future holds.  I realize it’s difficult to have that uncertainty but with such tight staffing guidelines, we want to make things as firm as possible before we start looking at assignments.


  1. Supervision Aide meeting at 11:00 on Tuesday.
  2. Patti off site at  meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons
  3. Big one at Two on Thursday
  4. SSSA meeting Friday morning at 8:15.

Have a great week everyone!



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