Weekly Message #4-28

Unknown-1Happy Mother’s Day to all of you – those who have or are mothers and also the rest of you who have committed your work life to caring for children.  I was so impressed on Friday with all the wonderful Mother’s Day projects being completed in our classrooms.  You are responsible for a lot of grateful Moms today.

What a gorgeous sunny day!  We planted some flowers in the garden and had a lovely day together.  I hope that you all had time to put your feet up and enjoy a few minutes of quiet bliss.

We have muddled through another week of balancing job action and work.  Thanks to all of our staff for the respectful and sensible way that you are treating each other at this difficult time.  I think that we are all hoping for a positive and swift resolution to bargaining.

Richard and I will be visiting Great West Wholesale this week to pick up some toys for after school games club.  If there is something you need for your classroom, please let one of us know and we’ll have a look for it.  We are spending the Community Link funds for after school support (must be spent before the end of May!)

Meetings – hmmm… what to say about this?  I am thinking about our weekly Resource teacher meetings, grade group meetings and the need to plan for upcoming events like Sports Day and Grade 7 Grad.  I encourage you to go ahead and meet together to work on these important aspects of your school life.  Henry and I understand that you are not able to go forward with meetings if we attend.  We are here quietly supporting you and would be happy to assist in any way that you feel is appropriate.  There are no special events to report this week .  Looking forward to a long weekend coming up!



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