Weekly Message #4-30

imagesIt’s hard to know what to say this week.  Henry and I are thinking of all of you as we head into the one day walk out tomorrow.  We can only hope that the situation will be resolved quickly and positively.

While the teachers are walking the picket line, we will be setting up the gym for Welcome to Kindergarten.  In addition, I hope to have all of the Summer School confirmation letters ready for distribution on Tuesday. Right the summer school classes are all full and any further forms received will be placed on a waitlist.  I am looking for someone to serve as a TOC for Summer School.  Let me know if you are interested.   Now that teachers have their grades assigned, it would be great to have your PLOs in to me asap.

I have been taking a box of toys out to the primary play area on nice days at lunch.  This has been a huge hit, so I will head down to the toy warehouse on Tuesday afternoon to spend the rest of our Community Link money on some more outside play toys.

Our assembly on Wednesday should be great.  We can look forward to a musical presentation from some of our intermediate students as well as a skipping performance by Divs. 8 & 9.  Division 7 will be hosting with support from Div. 6 students.

The school calendar for next year has been approved and will be distributed this week.  I will send an electronic copy to all staff as well.  Our draft school plan has been submitted and we will revisit it in the fall once job action is over.


  1. Welcome to Kindergarten on Tuesday morning.  Interviews from 9 – 10:30 and program from 10:30 – 12:00.
  2. Assembly Wednesday morning at 9:00.
  3. Health & Safety meeting Friday at 8:15.



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