Weekly Message #4-31

Unknown-1Can you believe that June is here?  The year has gone so quickly.  The word which most captures our usual feeling in June is anticipation – of work completion and summer break.  Sadly, this year I think that anticipation has been replaced by trepidation.  My compliments to all of you who are doing your best to respect the expectations placed on you during job action.  The loss of time to work on preparation, to work with kids and to meet with colleagues is being felt by all – most especially our teachers.  Right now things are uncertain on many fronts, so my best advice to you is to hold on to your relationships with each other as a way of “making it through”.  Moberly has long been a school community where we have been able to rely on each other in good times and bad.  We are fortunate to work together even in these circumstances.

Job postings for Moberly will be coming out this week.  I will be checking with Dan to see what, if any, involvement teachers can have in interview committees.  We have a number of key positions to fill so I am hopeful to have your input.

The library and the resource centres will soon be closing for the year – perhaps a bit earlier than usual.  Gwen is doing her best to finish up everything in preparation for passing the torch to her successor.  The Resource team has their usual year end responsibilities for testing and record keeping and have the added weight of the strong possibility of an ELL audit at Moberly next fall.  They will be doing their best to complete our files in a way which will best serve everyone in the fall – thank you!

I’m not sure what will happen with class casting.  At this point, it is on hold.  We will be distributing the pink and blue slips this week and hope that teachers will be able to fill them out.  This will be especially helpful if a teacher is not going to be here in the fall in case we have to do casting in September.

Thank you to everyone for everything you do to make Moberly so magnificent!


  1. Supervision Aide meeting Tuesday at 11:00.
  2. SSSA Meeting Thursday at 8:15 (please note new date!)



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