Weekly Message #4-32

images-1Uncertainty is the word of the week / month.  As teachers vote this week on the possibility of a full strike, we will be carrying on knowing that Wednesday will be another job action day.  This Friday is scheduled for Sports Day and we will be going ahead with our “hot dog” day thanks to the parent volunteers from Div. 18 who will be running the show.  The shape and size of Sports Day is yet to be determined but I am hopeful that we can work something out for the kids that is doable yet respects the restrictions placed on our teachers.

We all await final instructions on the expectations for report cards – we will see what unfolds.

This Thursday is our last day for Books for Me.  It will be a great chance for students to get one more book to read over the summer break.  This has been an excellent program which has paired well with our concentrated efforts to improve reading this year.  Unfortunately, they will be moving on to other schools next year.

Finally, we are all looking forward to Gwen’s retirement party on Friday – a chance to relax and enjoy each others’ company as we celebrate our wonderful teacher librarian and friend.


  1. Student Council year end party at lunch on Tuesday in Room 110.
  2. Roots of Empathy Reception on Wednesday afterschool at the Planetarium.  Richard and Rishima will be attending (along with Patti).
  3. Books for Me on Thursday.
  4. Hot Dog lunch / Sports Day on Friday
  5. Gwen’s retirement on Friday.

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