Weekly Message #4-33

DSC_0449Happy Father’s Day to all of you.  Hoping that all the fathers out there are being treated well on their special day.  We have taken advantage of the 2 for 1 coupon at Blenz today and I will be taking Dad and David (and the rest of our family) to the Charthouse for dinner tonight.  I am thankful to have my Dad with us to celebrate today.

What a wonderful party for Gwen on Friday night! Congratulations to all of the organizers for their hard work and effort.  Great food, great music and great fun.  I know I speak for all of us when I wish Gwen a happy and healthy retirement.  We look forward to another fun get together on Thursday when we celebrate Peggy’s retirement.  We are hoping for a sunny day so that we can go ahead with a “beach party”.  If it rains and teachers are still on strike, you are welcome to join us at my house to celebrate Peggy.

I continue to cling to optimism and hope that all of our staff will be at work some time this week.  Hopefully there will be a positive announcement at the teachers’ study session on Monday!  Obviously, everything else on the calendar is on hold this week.  Henry and I are sending you our best from a very empty Moberly!


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