Weekly Message #5-2

images-2The first week has flown by (as has the weekend!)  I don’t know about you but I was ready for bed when I got home on Friday!  However, I feel that we accomplished a lot last week.  Students have all been placed in classes.  This is always a marathon feat but especially this year since we were approaching the task from scratch.  Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful input and decisions.  I know how difficult it is to decide the fate of the students for whom we care so deeply – particularly when I am there “rushing” you along.  Our plan is to move to classes first thing Monday morning.  Class lists will be in your boxes so you know where to direct your students.  We appreciate any assistance that unassigned staff can provide in moving kids along to their new placements – particularly our primary students.  If there are glitches (and there might be) please refer to the office and we will deal with them.  If parents express concern about placements, please send them my way.

The Resource team has already met a couple of times and we are well on our way to figuring out assignments.  Our next big project once students are in classes is confirming all of our ELL students.  Resource teachers will be heavily involved in this task as it determines district funding for this school year.  We understand the importance of starting up resource service asap and will continue to strive for the earliest date possible. A big thank to our Resource team for their testing of new students during the first week.  The results were very helpful in placing new students.

I know that Karl has been working hard to assist everyone with their supply and furniture needs (thank you Karl!)   Please continue to let him know if you are missing essential items and we’ll do our best to supply them.


  1. Meeting for Resource team with DRPC staff re: 1701 record keeping at 1:00 on Monday in Jen’s room.
  2. Meeting for Gr. 2/3 teachers in Paula’s room at lunch on Tuesday.
  3. Staff committee meeting at lunch on Thursday.  Please post your agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by Wednesday at noon.  Agendas will be in your boxes by 3 on Wednesday.
  4. SSSA meeting at 8:00 on Friday morning.  Location TBA

Have a great week everyone!


Weekly Message #5-1

images FINALLY!  We are back at work together on the first official day of fall.  Karl and I are so grateful to have our marvellous Moberly staff back in the building as we all work together to support Moberly students!  It is sure to be a busy week and I know that many of you will be feeling the stress of too much to do in too short a time, both now and throughout this first term.  Karl and I are treating you to a pizza lunch on Monday so you can delay that lunch packing for one more day!  Please stay in the staffroom after our staff meeting to chat and enjoy some pizza.

To quote “Hagrid” from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – What’s coming is coming and we’ll meet it when it does.  Our most important task this week is to count kids and get them into classes.  All the pink and blue slips were handed out in June.  Please try to fill them out as best you can in preparation for casting times this week.  We will begin with upper intermediate on Monday afternoon.  The tentative schedule is in your “Welcome Back” handout in your green folder.  If you can’t find your pinks and blues – please let us know asap in the office.

I know that many of our supply orders were mixed up or just plain missing.  I apologize for the extra work this causes you.  We will be sure to provide detailed feedback to the VSB purchasing department about the challenges we have faced with the new vendor this year.  Please know that if you are missing supplies, you just need to let Karl know and we’ll take of it.  Also, if there are additional items you need for your class, always check with us before purchasing as we often have a less expensive source and can help you out.

Finally, for the past two years, my mantra has been “It’s all about reading”.  I am encouraged and excited about the growth we have seen in our students’ reading skills.  This year, some of our students / teachers will be fortunate to be part of the Dalai Lama’s visit to John Oliver in October.  In line with this opportunity, I will be focusing on my message for this year which I am hoping will resonate with both students and staff.  It is a quote from the Dalai Lama which says, “Be kinder than necessary“.  During this busy, stressful start up time, please kind to each other and to yourselves.   Looking forward to another wonderful year!


  1. Staff meeting at 1:00 in the lunchroom on Monday.
  2. Class casting starting at approximately 1:15 on Monday afternoon.  Please wait to be called down.  Casting will continue until it’s done between recess and lunch each day.
  3. Staff meeting Thursday at lunch.
  4. Health & Safety meeting Friday (note date change due to postponement of Professional Day) at 8:15 in the staffroom.