Weekly Message #5-3


It feels like such a huge accomplishment to get all of our students into their classes and settled.  Most students and parents seem very satisfied with their new places.  I have spoken to a few parents and their concerns are very similar – a lack of understanding of how combined or split classes work.  I would appreciate any efforts you can make if you are teaching a split class to reinforce and reassure students that they will be receiving instruction at their grade level.  If parents ask you, there is a great pamphlet from the VSB which explains the rationale behind split class teaching.  I will put a copy in teachers’ boxes next week in case if is useful to you.

Morning announcements will start this week and will include a daily message about “Kindness”.  If possible, please take the time to review each day’s message with your class as appropriate.

We are still looking for people to fill some of our committee spots – in particular, we need someone to take on the “Gifted Education” portfolio.  This is a more active committee job than some as it involves a couple of meetings each year as well as managing referrals to district programs.  It would be great if someone could take this on.

The performance guide for “Showdown” is pinned to the bulletin board above the sign in – there are some great activities for both pre and post show that would enhance students understanding of the show.  Please help yourself and make a copy if you like.

Thanks to the Resource team for all their hard work in updating 1701 numbers.  It is a time consuming job but an important one for our school.  Thanks also,  to Maria and Scott for helping me to “recycle” the leftover materials in the photocopy room after school on Friday.


  1. Supervision Aide Meeting at 11:00 on Tuesday morning.
  2. Staff Committee meeting at lunch on Thursday.  Agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by noon on Wednesday please.
  3. “Showdown” performance by Green Thumb Theatre at 9:30 on Friday.  Suitable for K-7 but I leave it up to the K teachers as to whether their students are ready to sit quietly for 45 minutes.
  4. ** Please note that Theresa is away from Monday to Thursday and Jen is away Monday and Tuesday.  Their TOCs will be providing you with the gift of assessment support and prep time!


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