Weekly Message #5-5

VINTAGE rocks featuring David Plottel on Bass guitar!

VINTAGE rocks featuring David Plottel on Bass guitar!

Another weekend whizzes by and we head into week 5 of school.  It seems that this has been the busiest fall ever as we scramble to get things done!  David’s band had 2 great gigs this weekend – thanks to Barb and Paul for coming out on Friday night.  Barb and I had a delicious dinner and then enjoyed the band as they played oldies and some new songs too!

The grade 7’s will be attending the Dalai Lama’s visit on Tuesday.  In addition, Jen will be teaching  a demo lesson on Gratitude for the Dalai Lama to observe.  Bernadette’s class will have the unique opportunity of seeing the Dalai Lama “up close and personal”  Karl, Jen, Richard and I will attend a second event in the afternoon so… Jane will be in charge in the morning and Paul in the afternoon.

Our first PAC meeting will be on Tuesday night – please encourage students to ask their parents to attend,

And finally, the week ends with Pro- D for all of us.  The focus of the admin conference this year is Technology so we look forward to sessions on Friday and Saturday.  Each of you will have made plans to attend something this Friday –  teachers, please make sure to let Brenden know your plans.  SSSAs should let the office know where they will be.

On Monday of next week, we will welcome Misty who will be leading the staff as you further investigate “inquiry teaching and learning”.  Unfortunately, I won’t be back until Tuesday.

There will be no weekly message next week as I will be transitioning between Whistler and a wedding in Ladner on Sunday – no time for computer use!


  1. Dalai Lama event for Bernadette’s class and the Grade 7’s on Tuesday.
  2. PAC meeting Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. in the library
  3. Goal Setting Interviews on Wednesday.  2:00 dismissal for all students.
  4. SSSAs to meet with Joey Lau on Wednesday from 2 – 3 in the library.
  5. Goal Setting Interviews to continue on Thursday.  Please make sure to supply your interview schedule to the office.
  6. Pro- D Day on Friday (and Monday!)

Have a great week everyone!

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