Weekly Message #5-8

images-2Glorious sunshine again this weekend after a forecast of rain – what a happy surprise and only 31 more shopping days until Christmas.  Hopefully the stress relief from the good weather will help to lessen the holiday prep / report card stress over the next few weeks.

Narinder and I will be meeting this week to put together the details for our upcoming Garage Sale.  This is a strictly voluntary event – both for staff donations and staff time.  Having said that, anyone who wishes to participate will be very welcome!  We’ve got about $30,000 in the playground fund with this year’s casino funds so we still have $25,000 to go.  Every little bit helps.  The PAC will be running a bake sale at the Garage Sale to help us out.

Pyjama Day is coming up fast so don’t forget to dust off your most “public” pjs and join us in the fun this Thursday.  Bring along your favourite stuffed animal too.  A random draw will take place in each class for those that participate.

Thanks for your support of Friday’s Code Red Drill.  These drills are never convenient.  However, they are helpful and necessary.  We found out a couple of things that we need to change after the drill and that is one of the important reasons why we do them.  So… we’ve done 2 Fire Drills, 1 Earthquake Drill, 1 Code Yellow Drill and 1 Code Red Drill.  We have only 1 Fire Drill left to do this fall and we have met our mandate.  I’ll try to fit it in on a nice day so you don’t have to stand in the rain.

And speaking of report cards… I understand the dilemma many of you are facing with trying to assign marks with less work completed.  This is a special circumstance this fall,  so do your best and please talk to me or Karl if you are going to be late in submitting reports.  We can always work things out – unless everyone is late and that makes it next to impossible for us to read reports in a timely way!

Thanks to Brenden and our hard working pro-d committee for organizing another great day for us this Friday.  As an added bonus, you might be able to get some Christmas shopping done at lunch at the jewellery sale in Rm 103!

Interested in finding out more about B.C.’s new curriculum and assessment plans?  Here are a couple of links you can follow to find out more:




  1. Patti will be at a workshop on Tuesday afternoon.
  2. Resource reports due on Wednesday to Patti.
  3. Health & Safety meeting this Thursday morning.  We welcome Judy to our team.  Please expect a classroom inspection in the next couple of weeks.  If you have questions about what’s expected, ask Tom or Maria.
  4. Inquiry Pro-D day on Friday.
  5. Jewellery Sale at lunch on Friday in Rm 103

Have a great week everyone!

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