Weekly Message #5-11

photoIt’s a glorious day for… cooking latkes in the garage. Happy Chanukah to everyone this week! Please join us in the staffroom at lunch on Monday to enjoy some delicious latkes cooked by my sweet husband.

I finished my Christmas wrapping this weekend so hopefully next weekend will be nothing but restful. Heaven knows this week is going to be BUSY!

Lots of items have arrived for the Garage Sale and we anticipate more on Monday. We will be busy setting up, sorting and pricing items on Monday and Tuesday morning. Staff are invited to a special preview sale on Tuesday at lunch time where you can grab some great items prior to the crowds. Please remember that prices have been set to be reasonable and that there is no bargaining.

We are happy to have your volunteer help any time over the next few days with setting up or selling. The parent bake sale promises to be tasty and there is free coffee available for those that visit the sale. I am looking for some hangers for the clothing that has been donated so if you have a bag or box of hangers you wish to get rid of, it would be great if you could bring those in on Monday. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Parent / Teacher interviews will go ahead as planned this Tuesday and Wednesday. Karl is preparing a schedule for make up preps for those of you who miss out on Tuesday’s early dismissal day.

We are looking forward to our assembly on Thursday with performances by both of our choirs. Thanks to Jane for preparing them to entertain us. A newsletter will go home on Monday to remind parents of this week’s schedule.

Friday will bring you all two wonderful treats –

Karl and I will be hosting the students for a movie on Friday morning – exact time tba.


Your Social Committee will be providing some sweets for you to enjoy on Friday morning. Time tba

AND THEN… it’s time for rest, relaxation, family, fun and a wonderful holiday.


  1. Latkes at lunch courtesy of the Plottels on Monday
  2. Garage Sale Tuesday and Wednesday
  3. Parent/Teacher Interviews Tuesday and Wednesday
  4. Christmas carols for students (and staff) at 8:30 in Paula’s room Wednesday to Friday only
  5. Monthly Assembly led by Div. 2 on Thursday
  6. Movie time for kids on Friday
  7. Sweets for staff courtesy of Social Committee on Friday.

Weekly Message #5-10

smaspartyI just got back from David’s cousin’s 70th birthday party.  It was a surprise and her husband had planned it a the Miele showroom on Smithe and Expo Boulevard.  I’ve never been to a party in an appliance showroom but it was actually lovely!

Thanks again to the organizing committee for our Friday Staff Christmas party.  It was a rockin’ good time!  The food was delicious (Barb knows I have a weakness for nachos), the band was terrific and the people – amazing.  The Firefighters’ Club was a great venue – very comfortable with lots of parking.

Another busy week approaches.  We are doing our final planning for next week’s garage sale.  Items are trickling in slowly so please do what you can to encourage students to bring something in.  We are still looking for volunteers to help us out during the sale so if you have any parents in your class who might be willing, please send them our way.

Welcome back Robin!


  1. Supervision Aide meeting at 11:00 on Tuesday.
  2. Aboriginal Lunch and Learn on Tuesday at noon in the library.  Quizno’s lunch provided.  Please bring your own beverage.
  3. Patti and Karl will be at the Area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul is in charge in our absence.  Patti will be at a meeting at the VSB in the afternoon as well.
  4. Patti at the VSB (again! sorry!) on Thursday morning.
  5. SSSA meeting on Friday (rescheduled from last week) at 8:15 in Rm 103.
  6. Reports go home on Friday.  Please make sure to provide copies of your Term one reports to the office before the Christmas holidays.  Thanks.