Weekly Message #5-12

images-1As usual, vacation time has slipped away faster than anyone could believe was possible.  It’s a new year – a fresh start.  I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday with lots of time for rest and relaxation.  With kindness as our touchstone for this year, I suggest that you all take the time to be kind to yourselves as the busy months ensue.  This will be a short academic term and you will be challenged to teach and assess in a meaningful way in time for term 2 reports, so pace yourselves and don’t let the end of term surprise you.  Please let me know if I can assist you in any way.  Here are a few New Year’s resolutions recommended for teachers – to help you keep the groove going!  Happy New Year!

 Stay Positive

Coming off a much-needed break, it’s time to figure out how to make your classroom a happy place for you and your students in the long stretch to summer. Try these ideas to keep that holiday glow shining.

1.  Spice Up Your Classroom Routine

Try one new technology or instructional technique each month to keep things new and challenging for you and your students. Making a list and assigning one new thing to each month will help you actually stick to this resolution.

2.  Build Fitness into Your Curriculum

It wouldn’t be a resolution list without some mention of better health. Make it a classroom affair with healthy eating lessons, integrating movement into your day-to-day activities and just encouraging you and your students to take care of your bodies.

3.  Get Your Work/Life Balance in Order

As best you can, keep school work at school and enjoy your time at home. Making yourself happy will be better for you AND your students.

4.  Give Individual Time & Attention to Students

It doesn’t have to be formal one-on-ones, tutoring or meetings, but try to integrate a rotating classroom job in which your students help you do something. You can check in with him/her individually and see how everything is going (whether they’re the best , worst, loudest or quietest student in class).

5.  Get Organized – Work Smarter, Not Harder

With the fresh start, it’s a great opportunity to get your classroom organization back on track. Time Resolve to bust it out during your planning time so you can take less (or hopefully no) work home with you. It’s tempting to take the much-needed break during your day, but it’ll feel even better to walk away with an empty bag at the end of the day.

Please join me in welcoming Sharon Scott who is joining our SSSA team on Monday – she is the successful applicant for Emil’s position.


  1. Supervision Aide meeting on Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.
  2. Patti will be off site for meetings part of the afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  3. Staff Committee on Thursday at noon.  Agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by Wednesday noon please.
  4. SSSA meeting Friday morning at 8:15
  5. Justice Theatre on Girl Bullying this Friday at 11:00 a.m.  Suitable grades TBA



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