Weekly Message #5-14

images-3The wind is whipping its way through Steveston today – blustery and beautiful now that the rain has stopped (for the moment).  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

As noted last week, I met with Tyson Shmyr, the new Community Link Coordinator for our area.  Although the students appreciate the after school programs offered by the Community Link Team, I asked Tyson about the possibility of some lunch hour programs.  If we could get some kids involved in some kind of organized and safe activity at lunch time, it would be a great improvement on how things go!  He didn’t promise anything but is going to look into it for us.

I hope that you are all taking advantage of the time on Monday to do some professional development.  Please make sure that the office knows where you will be in case someone tries to contact you.


  1. Attendance Support Program Staff Meeting on Tuesday at lunch.  All staff should attend.
  2. PAC meeting on Tuesday night.  This meeting will be focused on finances and trying to get things moving with the playground.
  3. Patti & Karl will be at the area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul is in charge.
  4. Patti at meetings / pro d at the VSB on Thurs and Fri afternoons.

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