Weekly Message #5-16

images-5Well, Adam is swollen up like a chipmunk with a cheek full of sunflower seeds.  He had four teeth removed (2 impacted wisdom teeth and two molars) under general anaesthetic Friday afternoon.  It was a rather gruesome experience as the patient before him had a lot of complications which the nurse explained in the waiting room – thus adding to Adam’s anxiety.  Then when he was finally called in (two hours late!), his surgery took twice as long as expected.  We are keeping him full of fluids and pain killers but he is really suffering.

Speaking of rodents, tomorrow is Groundhog Day.  I wonder if he will see his shadow – we haven’t had much of a winter so far so we’ll see what the next couple of months bring.

Sounds like our first “Power Hour” went really well on Wednesday – thanks to Jen and Pearl for organizing a worthwhile hour for staff.  We look forward to our second “Power Hour” on February 18th.  Details coming your way soon.

I look forward to sharing the Student Council plan for February’s “Kindness Tree” activity.  Thanks in advance for helping us out to make this activity happen over the next four weeks.  If you are looking for lessons / activities related to Kindness, this is a great website to check out: https://www.randomactsofkindness.org 


  1. Supervision Aide meeting at 11:00 on Tuesday morning
  2. Staff Committee meeting at12:10 on Tuesday – please make sure to submit agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by noon on Monday.
  3. SSSA meeting on Friday at  8:15 in the library

Have a great week leading up to a long weekend!

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