Weekly Message #5-17

imagesI hope you had a chance to enjoy the weekend – the sunshine was like a huge lift to our spirits!  We leave Valentine’s Day behind and move into Chinese New Year week.  Welcome to the year of the Sheep.  On that note, I am finalizing the details for us to have a Lion Dance this Wednesday in celebration of Chinese New Year.  The dancers are available at 10:00 so I will share with you times for this and our upcoming power hour as soon as they are confirmed.

I will be away with a specialist appointment on Monday so my apologies – I will check my email that day but won’t be at school.

On Tuesday, we welcome Grade 11 students from John Oliver who will be doing lessons with Robin and Barb’s class using a children’s book which tells the story of the violinist in the New York subway.  It ‘s a beautiful book which each student in the two classes will receive for free during the lesson.

I met with the playground company and the VSB last week and they are preparing a plan to start phase one of our intermediate playground.  The more money we get into that account before we start the better off we are.  So… if you haven’t done so and wish to participate, please put together a gift card order before Tuesday at 3:00 p.m so I can pass it on to Diane Blue (parent) at Tuesday’s PAC meeting.

We look forward to another great Pro-D day this Thursday.  Thanks to Brenden and the committee for organizing another visit from Misty.  Stay tuned for an email which outlines the day.  In addition, you are invited to sign up for a Chinese luncheon that day.  We are ordering from the same place where Henry’s goodbye party happened.   Thanks to Miranda for organizing the food order.    I will be at school in the morning but gone to the VSB in the afternoon on Thursday.


  1. Lessons for two classes with JO students on Tuesday afternoon.
  2. Vancouver Giants here to speak with Gr. 7’s re Drug Awareness on Tuesday afternoon
  3. PAC meeting on Tuesday evening.  Teachers are welcome to attend.
  4. Lion Dance in celebration of Chinese New Year on Wednesday morning.
  5. Power Hour with Pearl Chow on Wednesday morning.
  6. Resource reports due to the office on Wednesday.
  7. Pro-D day on Thursday.

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