Weekly Message #5-20


The chores are done

Casino – Won!

So much fun with friends

But now it ends…

Alas, the two weeks have flown by – we had a lovely “staycation”.  We tried out some new restaurants, visited Duncan for a day and even got our taxes done.  I hope your holidays were wonderful for you as well.  But now it is spring and time to get back to work as we enter the whirlwind we call third term.  We’ll be starting off with a bang this week with Parent Teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday.  The good news is that we work with a great group of people and some pretty wonderful kids so here we go!


  1. Administrators’ study group in the library at 3:45 – 5 on Tuesday – sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Karl and Patti at the area meeting on Wednesday.  Paul is in charge.
  3. Parent / Teacher Interviews on Wednesday (2-8) and Thursday (2-6).  2:00 dismissal on both days.  Please make sure to give Yvette a copy of your schedule.
  4. Health and Safety meeting on Friday.

Have a great week everyone!

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