Weekly Message #5-21

imgres-1Spring is a season of growth and change and our professional world seems to be reflecting what we see in the natural world.  We have a new superintendent, Scott Robinson, and postings have gone out for a new Director of Instruction and a new Associate Superintendent.  These are significant changes to our management team at the district level which affect us all. Provincially, we are charged with implementing a new curriculum – a daunting task but worthwhile.    In addition, we have announcements from the provincial government regarding new guidelines for professional development.  At the school level, we are dealing with a new employee information system and a new student information system.  YIKES!  It’s a lot!   Let’s all make a pledge to work together to get through all this new stuff while keeping our eyes on the ball – the education and support of our students.

Taking care of our health and well being is one way to deal with the stress of increased / new expectations so it is a great time to consider joining in to Shannon’s exercise class.  She is offering a staff fitness program on Thursdays from 3:20-4:20 in the big gym starting April 9th. It will be $5 a class to be paid by the month. The classes will be 30 minutes cardio/strength and 30 minutes yoga stretching. It is open and adaptable to all fitness levels. There is a yellow sign-up sheet on the sign-in table in the office, or ask Shannon for more info.

Next year’s calendar has been finalized so we will need to meet to plan our calendar dates for next year.  Stay tuned for a date and time.  Karl and I will be planning for the School Planning Day on Monday April 27th.  We will be reviewing and revising our plan with current data and the new curriculum in mind.  All staff are asked to attend (including SSSAs) so please let me know if you have a conflict that day.


  1. Health and Safety Meeting Tuesday morning at 8:15.
  2. VSB Budget meeting for administrators at 9:00 on Tuesday morning.
  3. Budget information meeting for staff at recess on Tuesday.

Have a great 4 day week everyone and watch out for April Fool’s jokes on Wednesday.

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