Weekly Message #5-23

photo (2)Happy Vaisakhi to everyone this week.  David and I had a great time at the parade on Saturday – although we didn’t actually see the “parade” this year, we had a chance to wander the streets, check out the stalls and visit with people before the parade arrived.  Had some delicious free food including some South Asian favourites and mango ice cream too!  The weather was decent although chilly – so much better than rain.  Many of our families will be celebrating this week on Tuesday.

Thank you for the time taken to vote on our Financial plan for this year.  I have already ordered 12 ergonomic chairs and we have set aside the playground money – taking us to a total of over $44000.  Only about 11000 to go!  I ask that the primary and intermediate teachers meet in the very near future to select their new resources so we can order asap.  The same applies for gym equipment and tech purchases.  Let’s get those resources in our hands soon!

I will be away for eye surgery from Wednesday – Friday but will check my email on Thursday and Friday if you have some burning questions.


  1. Area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul will be in charge.

Have a great week everyone!


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