Weekly Message #5-24

imagesMy  cataract surgery went well last Wednesday – can’t say as I enjoyed it but the doctor tells me it was a successful procedure.  My eyesight has been slow to resolve this time so everything is still a bit blurry and sore but hopefully all good soon.  The good news is that the doctor ordered me to be a “couch potato” for at least three days so I did my best to be an obedient patient.  I am looking forward to being back at work on Monday afternoon. (I will be attending a funeral on Monday morning.)

We will enjoy a performance this Friday called Cadence.  A study guide and audio files are available to you by clicking this link:  http://www.prologue.org/DocSco.aspx#cadence

On Wednesday we will all attend the Earth Day Assembly.  Please promote “Walking Wednesday” in your classrooms.  Students will make PA announcements to explain on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Your resource team and I will be asking teachers for reading assessment results this week – phonemic awareness for K’s, DRA for Gr. 1-3 and Woodcock for Gr. 4-7.  We are looking for post Christmas/ term 2 results to compare with last year’s numbers.

All going well, I will be trying to get a newsletter out on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.


  1. Patti away Monday morning.
  2. PAC meeting Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m.
  3. Earth Day Assembly 1:00 on Wednesday afternoon
  4. Keep Vancouver Spectacular clean up after assembly
  5. CADENCE performance for K-7 in the new gym on Friday – time TBA
  6. Health & Safety Meeting Friday morning at 8:15
  7. Salad Day for those signed up on Friday at lunch.

Have a great week everyone!


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