Weekly Message #5-25

My sister, Barb and my Dad (87 years old on April 27th!)

My sister, Barb and my Dad (87 years old on April 27th!)

We enjoyed a beautiful birthday dinner at my sister’s house in Chilliwack this weekend – celebrating my nephew’s 16th and my fathers 87th birthdays.  It’s long drive there and back but my sister’s home is beautiful – a fabulous view of the forest on all sides.

I look forward to working with all of you on our School Planning Day tomorrow.  I am expecting all teachers and SSSAs to attend unless they have told me they are attending other pro-d.  This is our one opportunity this year to spend concentrated time talking about our students and their needs.  The day will be focused, interactive and full of prizes!  a special thank you to all the teachers – especially our resource team for your assistance in gathering data for our discussions tomorrow.  I really appreciate it.

Here are some resources you can check regarding our new BC Curriculum:

Understanding learners competencies – 2015


Understanding the core competencies and personalized learning – 2013


Cross curricular competencies – 2013


Our final projections, request for additional staffing and school calendar were submitted to the VSB last week – so many deadlines at this time of year.  Staffing will be handed out the first week in May and we will meet again then to firm up our organization.

The Student Council will be running Freezie day this Friday so please come out and toss a frisbee with the kids.  You can win a free freezie too!


  1. School Planning Day to start at 9:00 sharp in the library.  Coffee provided and some great treats for morning break!  Lunch is on your own.
  2. Administrators’ study group in the library after school on Tuesday 3:45 – 5:00.
  3. SSSA meeting on Friday morning at 8:15 in the library.
  4. Free Freezie Frisbee Fun Day at lunch on Friday on the upper grass field.  Please encourage your students to participate.

And suddenly it’s May – have a great week everyone!

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