Weekly Message #5-28

Backyard is all set for summer.

Backyard is all set for summer.

Welcome back to the final stretch.  As usual, we have many activities packed into the last 6 weeks of school.  Thanks to Karl for organizing this week’s “Ready, Set, Learn” event on Tuesday afternoon.  Sonika will be running the program and will do her usual great job!

Gr. 7 grad is just around the corner so the Grade 7 teachers will be meeting on Wednesday at lunch to firm up our plans.  Please make sure to mark June 23rd  in your calendar for the grad luncheon.

I hate to say the words out loud but REPORT CARDS are also coming up next month.  There will be no Silhouette download for attendance so please expect to use labels.  In addition, the method for recording final grades for the PSR records has changed.  Information will come your way but be aware that marks sheets will be due the same day as report cards (June 15th).

There will be a newsletter to send home on Tuesday so please check your boxes at lunch if you can.

The School Plan is due this Friday so please make sure to provide any additional feedback you have by the end of the day on Tuesday.


  1. Ready, Set, Learn Tuesday afternoon in the Strong Start Centre.
  2. Last PAC meeting of the year on Tuesday night in the library – 7:00 p.m.
  3. Gr. 7 teachers meeting to plan Grad – Wednesday at lunch location TBA
  4. Patti at the VSB all day on Thursday – Karl is in charge!
  5. Resource Team meeting on Friday at lunch.
  6. South Asian Professionals presentation for Divs. 5 and 7 in the library on Friday afternoon at 2:00 p.m.

Have a great week everyone!


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