Weekly Message #5-32

IMG_1965What an amazing Sports Day!  I lost track of the number of students who told me that they were having “so much fun”!  Thanks to our organizing team under the fine direction of Dan for a beautiful day.  In addition, our hot dog lunch was a big success bringing in over $1300 for the playground.  A million thanks to Narinder, Beth and their team of parent / staff volunteers for all their work.

Class placements are moving along with four more grades meeting some time this week.  Thank you for the efforts you are making to form balanced classes which provide the best learning situations for our students.  We will be sure to revisit our classes in September for “one more look”.

A huge thank you to Jen Erickson and her husband Jonathan Weresch (newly promoted to principal at MacDonald

Hoppin' Robin

Hoppin’ Robin

Elementary for September – congrats) for hooking us up with a donor who will be dropping off 19 excellent computers on Monday.  Our technician, Sam, has agreed to set these computers up on the VSB network.  Stay tuned for the plan for rolling these into our school programs.

As no one decided to take on the Gr 1/2 position for next year, a posting has been submitted to HR.  They will likely place someone next week.

Lots of field trips and special events coming up over the next week.  Let’s hope the good weather holds on!

Reports are due on Monday – evens to Patti, odds to Karl.  Please let us know if you will be late.

Karl and the kids

Karl and the kids


  1. Patti & Karl at the area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul is in charge.
  2. Patti at the VSB on Thursday afternoon.

Have a great week everyone!


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