Weekly Message #5-33

No models under 70!

No models under 70!

Happy Father’s Day to you all.  I hope you had a restful weekend as we head into the final week for students!  Some of you knew that I had plans to go to a Fashion Show on Friday night thanks to a girlfriend who bought tickets for a group of us to go.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered it was a “Seniors” Fashion Show!  I know i have to come to terms with my age but… this was a bit much.  All the “models” were over 70 and the biggest selling feature for the clothes was an elastic waistband.  The half-time show was a group of senior drummers.  It was entertaining if nothing else!

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s Moberly Idol show – it’s always such a highlight for the kids.  Thanks again to all of you who
put in time to audition and support the performers.  We will call you down to the new gym for a 1:15 start.

Our final class placements group will be meeting on Monday after school.  With the new information system, we can’t enter students into new classes until after June 30 so we are not able to give you a draft class list until next week.  Sorry about that.  We will be reviewing classes again after the summer break as usual so we can “tweak” things then.

Grade 7 grad is coming up on Tuesday – we look forward to a delicious lunch in the new gym followed by the grad ceremony and dance.

Awards certificates will be coming to intermediate class teachers’ boxes early this week for your signature.  Please sign asap and return to Patti so I can organize them for Thursday’s awards assembly.

Finally, we will end our week with a wonderful breakfast at McCleery golf course.  Thanks so much to our social committee for organizing this.  It’s lovely to get together and enjoy the year end.  If you are not attending the breakfast, you are required to report to school that day.  Departure times will vary based on your discretion – please provide a contact number in case we need to touch base with you.


  1. Grad rehearsal in the new gym at 9:10 on Monday morning.  Grade 7’s should come down after attendance and morning announcements.
  2. Resource Team meeting at 11:00 on Monday morning in Anita’s room
  3. Moberly Idol 1:15 – 2:30 on Monday.
  4. Grade 7 Grad 12:00 – 4:00 on Tuesday.
  5. Patti away on Wednesday afternoon
  6. Awards Assembly at 9:30 on Thursday morning.
  7. Grade 7 run at 2:45 on Thursday afternoon.
  8. Staff breakfast at McCleery golf course on Friday morning.

Have a great last week everyone!

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