Weekly Message #6-2

inspirational-quotes-3_zps809af04cWe made it through the first week – all students are in classes and we are ready to move on Monday morning.  Thank you for your assistance and flexibility as we struggled to fit those last few students in.  The good news is that everyone on our waiting list has been placed.  We are jam packed with 500 enrolled students and very little space for anyone who arrives from now on!  A special thank you to Yvette for helping with everything needed this past week and to Manpreet for her commitment to making sure that everyone was counted and entered.

I know that you are all looking forward to meeting your new students tomorrow.  As we begin another school year, please consider the power of positive thinking and the importance of supporting and encouraging each student to do his/her best.  The most powerful lesson we can teach is that everyone is a learner with potential to succeed.

I will be meeting with the resource team on Monday at 10:00 am to fully discuss the resource schedule and make sure that time has been allotted in a way which reflects our commitment to helping all students while recognizing the importance of concentrated support for early learning.  The resource team has done an amazing job of putting together a thoughtful schedule with the goal of starting student support asap.  This week, we will be challenged to carefully examine our ELL numbers.  We had projected 315 ELL students for this year and right now we are at 263.  This is a significant discrepancy which could affect staffing.  It may be that our new computer system does not accurately reflect our population so this will be our next task!   Also please note that some of our Resource team members will be attending district pro-d this week so may not be available at all times.

Please mark Thursday, Sept. 24th at 1:30 in your calendar for our “Grand Opening” of the playground.  We have invited our donors and VSB staff.  Parents and community members will be invited via a newsletter this week.

Best wishes for a smooth first week with your new classes.  It’s going to be an incredible year!


  1. Resource Team meeting on Monday at 10 am in Rm 103
  2. Supervision Aide meeting on Tuesday from 11-11:30 (not available for coverage at that time) in staffroom
  3. Tyson Shmyr (Community Link Coordinator) will be here at lunch on Wednesday to greet staff and update you on this year’s plans.  Please come down to the staffroom as soon as you can.

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