Weekly Message #6-3

The Treadclimber!

The Treadclimber!

Here is my newest commitment – I think I’ll be starting with 5 minutes at the lowest setting but I am hoping to increase that as soon as i can.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

It’s been a BUSY week with all students moving to classes and staff working hard to get to know their new students.  Thank you for all your efforts and flexibility in your new assignments. I will be chairing SBT this year, so please pass on any PRIS forms or referrals to me.   A class review has been planned for Oct. 1.  We will see how many classes we can get done that day and then schedule an additional day as needed.  A TOC will be here on Oct 1 to relieve teachers.  Stay tuned for a schedule.

All of our numbers are due to the school board by Sept 30th so our office staff and resource team are working overtime to confirm designations and ELL status.  Thank you for your cooperation as we need to assess students over the next couple of weeks.

I have scheduled an additional SSA meeting for this Tuesday morning so that we can review how the schedule is going and iron out any problems that have cropped up.  Thanks in advance to our SSA staff for making every effort to be in the library by 8:15 that day.

We are continuing to interview for our vacant positions and will update you as soon as we have successful candidates.  Thanks to Shannon, Melissa, Barb and Robin for serving on the interview committees.

Our new “Delivered Meals” program will start on Monday morning for needy students.  Carrie will be distributing the lunches from her office.  Students will be called down by phone for the first day.  In addition, Valerie from the Lions Club will be here on Wednesday afternoon to present us with 23 – $50 gift cards for Superstore that we will be providing to the same families to help with back to school expenses.


  1. Meeting with STIBS worker and Behaviour Strategies Consultant re new student at 8:30 on Monday morning (Cynthia, Carrie, Patti, Karl)
  2. Resource Team meeting at 11 on Monday morning.  Location TBA (Anita’s room?)
  3. SSA meeting Tuesday morning – 8:15 in the library
  4. Karl and Patti at the area meeting on Wednesday morning
  5. Health & Safety Meeting on Friday morning at 8:15 in the staffroom.

Have a great week everyone!


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