Weekly Message #6-7

apple swanHad a delicious dinner at our friends’ house on Saturday night – she is a newly retired teacher.  I guess she is finding out what it’s like to have time on your hands.  This picture is of the two “apple swans” that she carved as a decoration for the table!

Hopefully this week will seem a bit shorter as it ends with Pro-D on Friday.  Please remember that teachers must let Brenden know what they will be doing on Friday.  SSSAs and CUPE staff should sign up on the sheet in the office.

Goal Setting interviews will be on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  We have early dismissal on Tuesday only.  Please provide the office with your schedule if you are doing interviews this week.

Our first PAC meeting of the year will be on Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. in the library.  If you have a chance, please encourage parents who visit you on Tuesday to come to our meeting.  In addition, teachers and staff are always welcome to attend.

We will be having an extended School Based team with Deanne Yee on Wednesday morning.  A general agenda has been placed in affected teachers’ boxes.  Timing will be a challenge but our goal is to get Kindergarten and Grade 1’s done before recess.


  1. Staff Committee meeting on Tuesday – agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by Monday at noon please.  Agendas to be distributed on Monday afternoon.
  2. Goal Setting Interviews – Tuesday (2-8) and Wednesday (3-6)
  3. PAC Meeting Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m.
  4. Speech Language focused SBT on Wednesday morning.  Laura (Sup Aide) will be here to cover classroom teachers.  Resource teachers will need to cancel groups as we don’t have anyone else available that morning for coverage.
  5. Photo Day on Thursday – please consider having your photo taken – it’s free for staff and you don’t have to order if you don’t like it!
  6. PSA Day on Friday – Have fun and learn lots!

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