Weekly Message #6-8

A beautiful day for a long walk in the Whistler sunshine

A beautiful day for a long walk in the Whistler sunshine

David and I enjoyed an amazing weekend at Whistler and just walked through the door about half an hour ago (7:30 p.m.)  The weather was amazing and the conference speaker was very engaging and had lots to offer in the way of advice for effectively using internet based resources in our work.  On Saturday, I attended a session on the creative use of space to support teacher collaboration and student learning.  It was also very interesting – presented by Doug Roch, a Vancouver vice principal.   Definitely time well spent.  I hope you all had a good weekend and learned lots on your Pro-D day.

Lots of meetings this week (see list below).  We look forward to our assembly on Friday when we will be throwing a few pies to celebrate our fundraising for the “Walkathon for Kids with Cancer”.  It will be fun to be together in our costumes.  Don’t forget the staff costume contest – you still have a few days to come up with something “brilliant”.

David and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in Maui the first week of November.  I have taken leave and will be gone this Friday afternoon and all of next week.  Karl will be in charge during my absence.  There will be no weekly message on Sunday, November 1st. (Don’t forget to turn your clocks back).  I have tried to include the key events for the next two weeks in this message.


  1. DEAR time for the whole school in classrooms on Monday afternoon – 1:00 – 1:30
  2. Grade 7 review re 2016 placements 11:00 on Tuesday.  I will put a schedule in your box on Monday.
  3. SBT with Kathy Grimm on Wednesday at 11:00.  I will put a schedule in your box on Monday.
  4. Patti at John Oliver for the Community Link meeting 8:30 – 10 on Thursday morning.
  5. Health & Safety meeting Friday at 8:15 in the staffroom
  6. Assembly on Friday at 11:00 led by Div. 1
  7. Strong Start is closed on Monday, Nov. 2nd
  8. Performance for K – 7 of Lapis on Friday, Nov. 6th in the afternoon at 1:30.

Have a great 2 weeks everyone!


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