Weekly Message #6-12

A beautiful sunshiny winter weekend!  We got our Christmas lights up – how about you?  I am taking a break from decorating the house to do this message.


Today’s pictures are taken from the display outside Scott’s room.  I am feeling grateful for all of the teachers who are taking the time to talk about “Gratitude” in their classrooms.  I have seen lots of evidence of this in the hallway displays and in student work.  At the very least, I hope all of our students from K – 7 could tell us that “Gratitude” means feeling thankful for something!


Only 3 weeks until Christmas break and there is so much to do!  Thank you to everyone who is able to support our evening concert on the 17th.  The parents love this event and our biggest challenge will be to fit as many as possible into the gym.  Please try to stay on top of the ticket requests that come in to you.  Forms to go home on Monday.

The Christmas Food Bank drive will start on December 1st.  We are a bit late getting started so will figure out the details at lunch on Monday with Student Council and then send home a notice on Tuesday.

As you are planning your next 3 weeks, you can schedule in a gift of time from Karl and me on the last day.  We will be taking all of the students in the gym for a movie (title TBA).  I will let you know the timeline once the movie is set but assuming a 90 minute movie, I’d like to do something like: 9:50 – 10: 40, recess and then 11 – 11:45.  That way they get a break halfway and you get a big break!


  1. Food Bank Drive starts on Tuesday.
  2. Placement meeting for Low Incidence Grade 7’s on Wednesday at 11:00.
  3. SBT on Thursday with Kathy Grimm.  Agenda to your boxes on Monday.
  4. SSSA meeting on Friday at 8:15 in the library.
  5. Reports home Friday.  Please do not send any reports home early with students.

Have a great week everyone!



Weekly Message #6-11


Greetings all from the sick house!  Adam got sick first then Dad, then David and finally me.  Dad is still in hospital with the after affects of the Influenza A virus.  David and I both feel like we’ve been hit by a truck.  Two out of the four of us have had a flu shot but the doctor says that it was too recent to protect us!  I will return to work as soon as I am no longer contagious – hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday.  I will focus on reading your reports as soon as I return.  My apologies for the inconvenience this is causing everyone but I don’t want to take a chance of giving it to you!

SBT is set for Wednesday with the five students we didn’t get to the last time.  Hopefully you know who you are as I won’t be able to give out the new agenda until Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when I return.

We have staff committee this Thursday so please put agenda items on the clipboard in the staffroom and we’ll get an agenda out by Wednesday afternoon.

I will leave it up to Karl as to whether to go ahead with the Code Red on Tuesday.

Thanks in advance to Brenden and Jane who have both offered sessions / support on our Pro-D day Friday.  Please make sure that you have let the office know your plans for Friday so that we know where to find you.


  1. SBT focused on SLP services this Wednesday at 11 in Room 103.
  2. Health & Safety Meeting on Thursday at 8:15 in the staffroom
  3. Staff Ctte meeting at lunch on Thursday
  4. Pro-D day on Friday.

Have a great week everyone.

Weekly Message #6-10

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Wong!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Wong!

What a delight to attend Miranda and Nathan’s wedding on Saturday morning.  As you would imagine, Miranda was a beautiful bride!  The ceremony was lovely – very personal with amazing live music.  The tea afterwards included many of Miranda and Nathan’s favourite foods with a gourmet twist.  I know that we all wish them many years of happiness together.

It was also David’s “band” weekend, so I spent Friday and Saturday night enjoying the music of Vintage at the ANAF in Steveston.  It was great to see Paul and Christine out on Friday night and Barb, Jane B and Leon (along with their friends) on Saturday night.  Next gig is in February if you are interested.  I will share the dates when it gets closer.

Thank you for your input on reorganizing our lunch expectations for students.  We will let you know when the new plan is in place.  We need to speak with Supervision Aides and students in Divs. 1-6 before moving ahead.  We hope to do this asap.  Once we are prepared, we ask that teachers of students in Divs 7-21 inform their classes about the new seating arrangement (by grade) in the lunchroom.


  1. Patti at Emergency Procedures training on Tuesday morning.
  2. PAC meeting on Tuesday night.  Please let Patti know if you would like to attend.
  3. Patti & Karl at Area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul is in charge
  4. Resource reports are due on Wednesday.  Due to the limited time that Resource staff spend with students in this first term, I have asked them to keep their reports brief and simple. Please hand in reports to Patti.
  5. SBT on Thursday at 11:00 in Room 103  – agendas will be in affected teacher’s boxes on Monday.
  6. Karl will be on holiday this Friday.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #6-9

IMG_0412My brain is happily scrambled after flying all night – When we left it was a 3 hour difference and when we came back it was a 2 hour difference.  We had an amazing trip with beautiful weather and lots of laughter with our good friends.  The air in Maui is so therapeutic – warm and fresh with the light scent of flowers.  I think I could live there.  But sadly, we had to come back to the rain – although not a bad deal to come back to a four day week!

I look forward to our Remembrance Day assembly on Tuesday and I would like to thank Jane Brown for taking the lead on organizing this wonderful event.  Please take the time to talk with your students about the solemn nature of this important assembly.

I have a favour to ask – I would like to borrow one of our video cameras this week.  If you happen to know where one of the ones we bought a couple of years ago is – could you please let me know / pass it on to me on Monday.  Thanks.


  1. Lunch time issues meeting on Monday at lunch.
  2. Remembrance Day Assembly at 11:00 on Tuesday.
  3. SBT focused on Aboriginal students on Thursday at 11:00 – agendas to your boxes on Monday.
  4. Staff Committee meeting on Thursday at lunch – agenda items to the staffroom clipboard by Tuesday at noon please so that agendas can be distributed before 3:00 on Tuesday.
  5. SSSA meeting on Friday at 8:15 in the library.

Have a great week everyone.  P.