Weekly Message #6-12

A beautiful sunshiny winter weekend!  We got our Christmas lights up – how about you?  I am taking a break from decorating the house to do this message.


Today’s pictures are taken from the display outside Scott’s room.  I am feeling grateful for all of the teachers who are taking the time to talk about “Gratitude” in their classrooms.  I have seen lots of evidence of this in the hallway displays and in student work.  At the very least, I hope all of our students from K – 7 could tell us that “Gratitude” means feeling thankful for something!


Only 3 weeks until Christmas break and there is so much to do!  Thank you to everyone who is able to support our evening concert on the 17th.  The parents love this event and our biggest challenge will be to fit as many as possible into the gym.  Please try to stay on top of the ticket requests that come in to you.  Forms to go home on Monday.

The Christmas Food Bank drive will start on December 1st.  We are a bit late getting started so will figure out the details at lunch on Monday with Student Council and then send home a notice on Tuesday.

As you are planning your next 3 weeks, you can schedule in a gift of time from Karl and me on the last day.  We will be taking all of the students in the gym for a movie (title TBA).  I will let you know the timeline once the movie is set but assuming a 90 minute movie, I’d like to do something like: 9:50 – 10: 40, recess and then 11 – 11:45.  That way they get a break halfway and you get a big break!


  1. Food Bank Drive starts on Tuesday.
  2. Placement meeting for Low Incidence Grade 7’s on Wednesday at 11:00.
  3. SBT on Thursday with Kathy Grimm.  Agenda to your boxes on Monday.
  4. SSSA meeting on Friday at 8:15 in the library.
  5. Reports home Friday.  Please do not send any reports home early with students.

Have a great week everyone!



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