Weekly Message #6-19

imgresI saw this on Pinterest and couldn’t resist sharing it with you.  I am sure that with the kids so excited on Friday in their pajamas, you could have used some of this!  (Thank you to everyone who participated and/or supported our Student Council “Pajama Day” last week.)  Feel free to try it out.  Also, I have discovered an app called “Noise Down”.  Once downloaded to your phone, you can set the ideal decibel level for your class and if the noise exceeds that level an alarm goes off – might save you from the constant reminders to keep the noise down.  I have it on my phone if anyone wants to try it!

Here comes February!  The school year is half over and we begin the “faster” half of the year.    Lots to look forward to this month with Groundhog Day, Family Day, Valentine’s Day and Gratitude Day.  Later this week you will receive a package for your class – the idea is that we will be putting small banners on top of all the bulletin boards showing what we are grateful for.  Student Council are selecting their favourite “Gratitude Quotes” to intersperse with the student banners.  All going well, this won’t take a lot of time in your classroom and we are asking that your completed “banners” be handed in by Friday, Feb. 12th.  Our plan is to have them all up for Gratitude Day on Feb. 18th.  They will stay up until Spring Break.

Here’s hoping the Groundhog does not see his shadow on Tuesday – I am ready for Spring!


  1. Supervision Aide meeting at 11:00 on Tuesday
  2. Patti will be at the VSB on Tuesday afternoon.
  3. Staff Committee Meeting on Tuesday at noon.  Agenda items to the clipboard please by noon on Monday.
  4. SSSA meeting on Friday at 8:15 in the library.

Have a great week everyone – 3 day weekend coming up!

Weekly Message #6-18

images-1It’s 12:15 on Sunday and we still haven’t heard about the files identified for the Low Incidence Audit.  Apparently we will hear tomorrow – and then I will rush the identified files over to the VSB.  A very stressful time for the VSB as loss of funding has the potential to affect all of us.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Last week’s PAC meeting brought us great news that they would be funding the wish list of the Tech Committee from their Gaming funds.  These funds are very restricted on what we can buy with them so many of your requests did not fall within that mandate.  Despair not, as we will continue to pursue ways to fund your requests as much as we can.  We will begin that project at this week’s Finance Committee meeting.

Scott, Maggie and I enjoyed a very informative day at the Croatian Cultural Centre on Thursday where we reviewed the basic organization and philosophy of the BC ED Plan Curriculum.  We will be working along with your other selected reps to provide you with an engaging and information-filled day on March 4th.

It’s Hot Chocolate Week and that means lots of excitement and disruption!  Thank you for your support and patience as the Student Council team does their best to deliver drinks and snacks in a timely way.

It’s Pajama Day on Friday so please consider joining as we celebrate a school spirit day together.


  1. Hot Chocolate Day runs Mon (Divs. 1-5), Tues (Divs. 6-10) Thurs  (Divs. 11-16)and Fri (Divs. 17-21) with deliveries happening before recess.
  2. Finance Ctte at lunch on Tuesday in Room 103
  3. Patti & Karl at the area meeting on Wednesday morning (Paul is in charge)
  4. Health & Safety meeting on Friday morning at 8:15 in the staffroom
  5. Assembly at 1:00 on Friday afternoon – led by Div. 2

Have a great week everyone!


Weekly Message #6-17

imagesThey say that January is the most difficult month of the year – that people tend to find it depressing.  It could be all the gray weather or perhaps the aftermath of the holidays (and the bills to pay!)  Either way, I think it is easy to fall into a negative mindset – spending too much time complaining or worrying about life’s challenges.  Seemed like a good time to re-visit my goal of Gratitude this year and also to remember the equation – Kindness + Gratitude + Mindfulness = Happiness.  With that goal in mind, I share with you a quote from Josh Becker , “Life is not perfect. It never has been and never will be. This is not bad news. In fact, once we begin to embrace this reality, we welcome a great number of possibilities. Life is never perfect. We know this to be true.”

You can check out Josh’s whole blog entry about positive thinking at: Positive thinking and Gratitude

To that end, I am so grateful for the amazing hard work done by our Resource Team on the low incidence audit.  Although we may not agree with everything we have been asked to do during this process, we certainly have learned a lot more about what we must do in the future and I would suggest, we have gained a deeper understanding of our special needs students and their designations – a truly positive outcome.

I am looking forward to our first curriculum implementation training day this Thursday.  Scott, Maggie and I will spend the day at the Croatian Cultural Centre learning how to support our school in moving forward with the new provincial curriculum.  It should be interesting!

We have a staff committee meeting set for Tuesday – please list agenda items by noon on Monday.  If we do not have a sufficient number of items we will cancel.


  1. Staff Committee on Tuesday at lunch
  2. PAC on Tuesday evening

Have a great week everyone!


Weekly Message #6-16

IMG_0466What a glorious, sunshiny winter day – the bulbs are starting to push up in our garden!  I hope you enjoyed your time at home this weekend.  The darkest month of the year is behind us and every day brings a little more light into our lives.  I noticed this sign in a clothing store recently and thought it made a lot of sense.  The funny thing about focusing on Gratitude is that you start seeing signs of it everywhere.

The external VSB team will be reviewing our low incidence files this Monday before providing advice on where we need to look for more evidence.  After that, I will be entering data on all of the files into the district spreadsheet.  We will find out the last week of January which files the Audit Team have selected for review.  Thanks again to the Resource Team for their hard work on this project and to staff for their understanding and support.

I have SBT scheduled for this Wednesday, but I am not aware of any students waiting to be reviewed.  Please let me know if think you are waiting to discuss one of your students.


  1. John Oliver Articulation Breakfast on Wednesday at 7:20 a.m.
  2. SBT tentatively scheduled for this Wednesday.

Have a great week everyone!




Weekly Message # 6 – 15

The frost was so thick this morning – the plants and spider webs were transformed!  Happy New Year everyone – I hope that your break from work was everything you hoped it would be.  Can’t believe it’s time to jump back in to second term.  I am grateful, as the new year begins, to work with such a great group of people!  We welcome Tim Oftebro, our new Resource teacher, and Lily Li, new SSA (replacing Michelle Neidig who has returned to full time work at Van Horne).

Our holiday was full, as usual.  Dad is still in the hospital so we tried to visit him morning and evening each day.  We enjoyed a wonderful family dinner in Chilliwack with my sisters and their families.  We spent New Year’s Eve with our “old” friends and didn’t arrive home until 5:00 a.m.!  Didn’t get nearly enough chores done (probably a good thing) and enjoyed lots of much needed sleep.

Two gratitude quotes to start your new year:

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” G.K. Chesterton


  1. Supervision Aide Meeting on Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.
  2. David Thompson Articulation Breakfast on Thursday at 7:30 a.m.
  3. SBT with Kathy Grimm on Thursday – agendas will go in your boxes early this week.
  4. Staff Committee on Thursday at lunch – agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by Tuesday noon please.  We will review our bi-monthly meetings at this time.
  5. SSA meeting Friday at 8:15 in the library
  6. Gr. 2/3 Reading program meeting on Friday at lunch in the library.

Have a great week everyone!