Weekly Message #6-16

IMG_0466What a glorious, sunshiny winter day – the bulbs are starting to push up in our garden!  I hope you enjoyed your time at home this weekend.  The darkest month of the year is behind us and every day brings a little more light into our lives.  I noticed this sign in a clothing store recently and thought it made a lot of sense.  The funny thing about focusing on Gratitude is that you start seeing signs of it everywhere.

The external VSB team will be reviewing our low incidence files this Monday before providing advice on where we need to look for more evidence.  After that, I will be entering data on all of the files into the district spreadsheet.  We will find out the last week of January which files the Audit Team have selected for review.  Thanks again to the Resource Team for their hard work on this project and to staff for their understanding and support.

I have SBT scheduled for this Wednesday, but I am not aware of any students waiting to be reviewed.  Please let me know if think you are waiting to discuss one of your students.


  1. John Oliver Articulation Breakfast on Wednesday at 7:20 a.m.
  2. SBT tentatively scheduled for this Wednesday.

Have a great week everyone!





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