Weekly Message #6-17

imagesThey say that January is the most difficult month of the year – that people tend to find it depressing.  It could be all the gray weather or perhaps the aftermath of the holidays (and the bills to pay!)  Either way, I think it is easy to fall into a negative mindset – spending too much time complaining or worrying about life’s challenges.  Seemed like a good time to re-visit my goal of Gratitude this year and also to remember the equation – Kindness + Gratitude + Mindfulness = Happiness.  With that goal in mind, I share with you a quote from Josh Becker , “Life is not perfect. It never has been and never will be. This is not bad news. In fact, once we begin to embrace this reality, we welcome a great number of possibilities. Life is never perfect. We know this to be true.”

You can check out Josh’s whole blog entry about positive thinking at: Positive thinking and Gratitude

To that end, I am so grateful for the amazing hard work done by our Resource Team on the low incidence audit.  Although we may not agree with everything we have been asked to do during this process, we certainly have learned a lot more about what we must do in the future and I would suggest, we have gained a deeper understanding of our special needs students and their designations – a truly positive outcome.

I am looking forward to our first curriculum implementation training day this Thursday.  Scott, Maggie and I will spend the day at the Croatian Cultural Centre learning how to support our school in moving forward with the new provincial curriculum.  It should be interesting!

We have a staff committee meeting set for Tuesday – please list agenda items by noon on Monday.  If we do not have a sufficient number of items we will cancel.


  1. Staff Committee on Tuesday at lunch
  2. PAC on Tuesday evening

Have a great week everyone!



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