Weekly Message #6-18

images-1It’s 12:15 on Sunday and we still haven’t heard about the files identified for the Low Incidence Audit.  Apparently we will hear tomorrow – and then I will rush the identified files over to the VSB.  A very stressful time for the VSB as loss of funding has the potential to affect all of us.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Last week’s PAC meeting brought us great news that they would be funding the wish list of the Tech Committee from their Gaming funds.  These funds are very restricted on what we can buy with them so many of your requests did not fall within that mandate.  Despair not, as we will continue to pursue ways to fund your requests as much as we can.  We will begin that project at this week’s Finance Committee meeting.

Scott, Maggie and I enjoyed a very informative day at the Croatian Cultural Centre on Thursday where we reviewed the basic organization and philosophy of the BC ED Plan Curriculum.  We will be working along with your other selected reps to provide you with an engaging and information-filled day on March 4th.

It’s Hot Chocolate Week and that means lots of excitement and disruption!  Thank you for your support and patience as the Student Council team does their best to deliver drinks and snacks in a timely way.

It’s Pajama Day on Friday so please consider joining as we celebrate a school spirit day together.


  1. Hot Chocolate Day runs Mon (Divs. 1-5), Tues (Divs. 6-10) Thurs  (Divs. 11-16)and Fri (Divs. 17-21) with deliveries happening before recess.
  2. Finance Ctte at lunch on Tuesday in Room 103
  3. Patti & Karl at the area meeting on Wednesday morning (Paul is in charge)
  4. Health & Safety meeting on Friday morning at 8:15 in the staffroom
  5. Assembly at 1:00 on Friday afternoon – led by Div. 2

Have a great week everyone!



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