Weekly Message #6-20

imgres-1Hoping that you all had a restful weekend – although I know that upcoming Report Card deadlines are on your minds.  I spent two hours of my Saturday at a BCTF Retirement Seminar – a very knowledgable presenter and lots of good information and resources available.  I recommend it highly for anyone who is within 5 years of retiring.  You can register for an upcoming session at: BCTF Pension Seminar Registration

A huge load of gratitude to all of you for working with your students to produce the gratitude papers that the Student Council asked for!  I have started putting strings above the bulletin boards and we will be putting up banners this week – hopefully complete by Thursday in time for our Gratitude Assembly.  This will be a longer assembly than usual as we will have two performances – the JO Drum line and Div. 5 doing their Acceptance Dance.  It should be great.  Student Council will also be holding their “Guess the Number of Candies” activity from Tuesday to Friday this week.  Students will be able to enter their guesses at recess and lunch in front of the office for 25 cents each or 5/$1.00.  The winner will be announced on Friday and will be expected to share the candy with their classmates.

I have put together a bulletin board for the staffroom which highlights the key organizers for the new curriculum.  Please have a look and feel free to add relevant information.


  1. Pro D committee meeting on Monday at lunch in Brenden’s room
  2. Performance on Monday afternoon of “Infinitus”.  Info is available about our performance at: Infinitus
  3. PAC meeting on Tuesday night
  4. Resource Reports due on Wednesday to Patti – let me know if you are not ready!
  5. Patti and Karl at the area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul is in charge.
  6. Gratitude Day assembly on Thursday morning at 9:00.  You will be called down.

Have a great week everyone!


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