Weekly Message #6-27

IMG_0261What a jam packed weekend for us with the a retirement party after school on Friday, the parade yesterday and band practice followed by dinner with our son, Jamie, tonight.  No wonder the weekend goes so fast.  Hope you all had time for fun and rest this weekend.

IMG_0257Thanks again to the planning team (Marilyn, Maggie, Scott and Brenden) for their great work putting together a very interactive and informative day on Friday.  Every time we do this, I feel as though I understand that much more about the new curriculum.

Hopefully, tomorrow’s activities will be as engaging and worthwhile.  I have collated all of our data for reading and writing for your consideration as we decide how to move forward with our school plan.  Thank you in advance for your time and energy tomorrow.  In addition, we will work on setting up next year’s calendar and review / approve our school fees.

Friday will be a Student Council theme day called “Random Day”.  Posters will be going up this week to give details on what that could look like.  Please promote with your students.


  1. School Planning Day on Monday
  2. PAC meeting on Tuesday night where we will consider the VSB Strategic Plan.  Teachers are welcome to attend.
  3. Performance by Cadence on Wednesday afternoon.  Study guide was sent to you last week.
  4. Gr 7’s to David Thompson on Wednesday afternoon.
  5. Assembly at 1:00 on Friday afternoon to celebrate Earth Day. (I’ve lost track of whose turn it is so will check in with the lucky teacher tomorrow).  We look forward to performances by the choir and Maggie’s K class.
  6. Random Day on Friday!

Have a great week everyone!



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