Weekly Message #6-30


Enjoying a cocktail with our delicious dinner on Friday night at the Tulalip Bay Restaurant.

A little late posting this week as we just came through the door from our weekend getaway!  We had an amazing time in Washington – just the two of us – carefree with no schedules or commitments.  It didn’t hurt that we had such amazing weather – it felt more like June or July than April.  Hopefully you all had a chance to enjoy some warm sun this weekend.  We can look forward to another nice day tomorrow as we slide softly into the new week with a Professional Day.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to think of some ideas for how you’d like to see “Meet the Teacher” night roll out as we will be meeting at lunch on Tuesday to discuss in the library.

I imagine that most people know that the VSB Trustees did not pass the budget on April 28th.  Therefore, all of the staffing allotments need to be changed to reflect the status quo.  This also means that when the cuts inevitably come before June 30th – the staffing will be adjusted again.  Sounds pretty painful and complicated.  In particular, it will be difficult for people whose jobs were on the chopping block but who are now in limbo until the budget is finally decided.  Consequently, the staffing meeting originally planned at the VSB for Wednesday morning has been changed until Friday morning.  I will be calling a meeting early the week of May 8th to share the staffing numbers and our tentative plans for your input.


  1. Meet the Teacher “Ideas” meeting – Tuesday at noon in the library.
  2. SBT with Kathy Grimm on Thursday at 11:00 in Room 103 – agendas went in affected teachers’ boxes last week.
  3. Staff Committee meeting at noon on Thursday – agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by Wednesday at noon please.
  4. Big One at Two drill on Thursday at 2:00.  This will be an evacuation drill only – no student release this year.
  5. Patti at the VSB staffing meeting on Friday morning
  6. Grade 7 Grad planning meeting on Friday at noon.

Have a great week everyone!



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